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Submission of E-transcript Data to Parchment
The submission of data for E-Transcript to Parchment is initiated using the EMIS-R Data Collector. The data for E-Transcript is not submitted to ODE, it is submitted to an External Data Store. From the External Data Store, Parchment obtains the newly submitted transcript data on a regular basis.
Questions pertaining to the EMIS-R Data Collector steps found within this document should be directed to your ITC.
From the district's Student Information System (SIS), districts must extract the appropriate record types. There are required and optional types. See the EMIS Reporting Guide for a list of each.
After the data is extracted from the SIS, it must be uploaded to the data collector. Note:Each ITC may have their Data Collector configured different, so the sample screens included in this document may not match the actual detail a district sees.
After logging into the Data Collector, a district must choose the 'Data Sources' tab.

Then select the 'Other Data Sources' link.

Click on 'Manage' to the right of the folder you will be using for Etrans data. This will vary by district and ITC.

Select 'Upload Files', browse to where your file(s) are located and upload these into the folder.

Once the district has all the files needed, select the 'Collection Request' tab at the top.

Scroll towards the bottom of the list. Under the header SSDT SDE, you will see the ETrans Manifest.

Click on 'Start Collection'.

District should click on the folder they uploaded data into and then click on 'Start Data Collection'. It may also be necessary to check a SIF Zone box. Your ITC can provide assistance with determining this.

Districts can monitor collection status by using the 'Collection Status' tab or the screen 'Refresh' link. When completed, a message will appear with the manifest box under "Status".
Once the collection is completed, the district must select the 'Prepare' link. The Prepare will run a number of data checks against the data.

When the Prepare completes, click on the Level 1 Validation report link and review errors. For the most part, a Level 1 error on a student will prevent any data for this student from being included in the data sent to Parchment. Errors should be corrected in the SIS, a new extract, Upload, Collection and Prepare completed. These steps can be repeated as many times as necessary. Data can be submitted with Level 1 errors.
Districts should then 'Preview' the data. The 'Preview' allows a district to determine exactly what data is getting included in the submission. The Preview data can be exported in CSV or HTML format. The Excluded records should also be reviewed. These records represent students that are getting excluded and these will not show on any current error report and will not be part of the data submitted for placement on transcripts.

Once it is determined the data is ready to submit, the '

Certify & Submit' link should be selected.

The data will then be moved to the External Data Store and will be made available to Parchment.
After the submission is completed, the process of approving and obtaining transcripts is managed by Parchment personnel.