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  • Not Reviewable by District due to review window closed
    ODE has locked out the SOES data for the year, no further reviews may be posted
  • Not Reviewable by District due to ODE Override
    This message will appear if the record has been auto approved due to no changes in contact data from prior year's reporting.  The resident district will still have the ability to add a comment to the auto approval review if they find a discrepancy in the data reported.  If the resident district and community school are unable to resolve the issue, once the comment is at least 14 days old, the resident district may escalate the record to ODE. 
    This message will also appear in the case that ODE has intervened and either approved or denied the record for funding.  Records which ODE has approved or denied for funding may not be escalated.
  • Not Reviewable by District due to age of record
    This appears when the record was last updated by the community school over 75 days ago and it has no outstanding flagged reviews.  The record has aged out.
  • Not Reviewable by District due to missing address data
    If the community school has not submitted address information for the student, this message will be displayed.  The record will not be considered for funding until such time that an address is submitted.