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'R' we dropping the '-R' from USXS?  You bet we 'R'

Happy New Year! And what a great start to the new year!  We are very excited to report all Classic migrations are complete!  The last of the inventory migrations wrapped up in December.  CY2022 included the last two waves (9 and 10) with approximately 115 remaining districts migrating USAS and USPS during the year.  In addition to that, we also had a large influx of inventory migrations take place during the year.  Out of the 370 districts scheduled to migrate their inventory, 300 of them migrated during CY2022! Both district and ITC staff should give themselves a huge pat on the back for this incredible accomplishment.   We did it! 

With the retirement of Classic,  the 'R' is no longer needed to differentiate between the two systems.  The current applications are our redesigned software but I think we all can agree, we no longer need to refer to it as 'Redesign.' We will be updating our wiki this year to no longer refer to the 'Redesign' moniker.

As with every January newsletter, we like to review some of the features and improvements added to the software in the prior year.  Many of these were requested from user feedback with assistance from the State Software Steering Committee.  Listed below are just a handful of the new features/enhancements that took place in 2022:

  • USAS
    • Ability to modify certain fields on the User record
    • FYE related changes including removing INFOTECIRN and changing the CFDA number to be an ALN (Assistance Listing Number)
    • Implemented audit report bundles (SOC1 Audit Job and District Audit Job)
    • Multiple updates made to the 1099 Extracts user interface along with the ability for districts to print 1099s directly from USAS on pressure seal forms
    • Performance improvements made to Pending Transactions, AP Invoice, Payables and Refund user interfaces
    • Ability to change a vendor on a new PO without having to reopen a posting period
    • Ability to reverse a receipt without having to reopen the posting period associated with the original receipt
    • Ability for Group Manager role to disable report bundles
    • Duo Security Integration implemented

  • USPS
    • Completed a collection of audit focused enhancements including audit report bundles (SOC1 Audit Job and District Audit Job), audit logging and additional options added to the existing Audit report
    • Ability to filter expenditure account selection in pay accounts, future pay and current pay
    • Job Calendar report enhancements were added
    • Payroll Account View user interface was added to display all accounts in a grid format
    • User interface improvements added to Future Pay
    • Allow multiple days for the same calendar day for different retirement entities
    • Updated several reports to generate in Excel/CSV
    • Allow districts to print W2 forms directly from USPS on pressure seal forms
    • Allow payroll items and configuration to be archived
    • Print screen options were provided in several of the user interfaces
    • Included payroll item refund payments in the Earnings Register
    • ABS101 and ABS103 Attendance Reports created
    • Ability to generate salary notices in New Contract and Contract Compensation grid
    • Creation of the YTD Report (replacement for Classic's YTDRPT)
    • Multiple performance improvements on reports
    • Duo Security Integration implemented

  • Inventory
    • Implemented Active Directory Security (ADS)
    • Grid filtering improvements
    • Improved sort options on various reports 
    • Creation of the Audits report
    • Creation of the Fiscal Year End Balances and Depreciation Posting reports
    • Implemented the Inventory FYE report bundle
    • Implemented a Mass Load option for non-migrating districts
    • Created a User Listing Report

  • ITCM 
    • New application that allows ITCs to submit 1099s, W2s and ODJFS to their respective reporting agencies on behalf of their districts 

Useful links:

titleDid You Know?

Reverse Receipts

Reversing receipts no longer requires the original posting period of the receipt transaction to be open!

Simply view the receipt from the Receipts grid, select the Reverse option, make sure the date is in an open posting period (this will default to the current date), and click Generate Reverse Receipt. A new transaction to reverse the original will automatically be created with the appropriate amount and account information.

Image Added

More information how to Reverse a Receipt.

titleDid You Know?

Dock Amounts on check stubs