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The EISCD procedure is intended to be run by the end user as a part of their EIS fiscal year-end closing process. It generates a standardized set of EIS reports which can be made available to registered users online via a secure web site. The reports will be created in both .TXT and .PDF format and stored on a separate directory.


The EISCD option can only be used if the ITC has set up the district with the needed structures on disk for storing the reports and has defined a specific logical for each user. If your district is interested in using this procedure, please contact your ITC.

accessing the program

To run the EISCD program, you must use the menu system and enter:

Code Block

or enter the following command at the $ prompt:

Code Block

sample run

EISCD Sample Run

Code Block

This procedure will generate a standard set of fiscal year end EIS reports
for later archival on CD-Rom.

Continue? (Y/N <Y>): Y

You may now choose to include or exclude specific entity ID codes.  These
selections will only be applicable to the EIS101, EIS102, EIS103, EIS104,
EIS304, and EIS305 reports.

Do you want to INCLUDE specific entities? (Y/N <N>)

Do you want to EXCLUDE specific entities? (Y/N <N>) Y

Enter entity id to EXCLUDE: NOGAAP
Enter entity id to EXCLUDE:


Job EISCD (queue OECN$BATCH, entry 430) holding until
23-APR-2010 18:00


We recommend checking the reports for accuracy before continuing on with the next step of your closing procedure.

You will receive an email notification when the procedure has completed. After receiving the email message that the procedure has completed, please use the ITC-designated URL to access the reports. You will be prompted for a username/password to access the web site. Please contact your ITC to set up a username/password as well as others at your district who wish to access the reports on-line.

eiscd reports

The following reports are generated during the EISCD procedure:

Code Block
EIS101 Schedule by Source Report

EIS102 Schedule by Function/Class - All Options (summary and detail reports)

EIS103 Schedule of Changes in Fixed Assets - Generated 3 different ways
- EIS103CL sorted by asset class (summary and detail reports)
- EIS103FC sorted by function (summary and detail reports)
- EIS103FD sorted by fund (summary and detail reports)

EIS104 Schedule of Changes in Depreciation - Generated 3 different ways
- EIS104CL sorted by asset class (summary and detail reports)
- EIS104FC sorted by function (summary and detail reports)
- EIS104FD sorted by fund (summary and detail reports)

EISEMS EIS TO EMIS Extraction Report

EIS203 Asset Listing by Grant/Source Report

EIS303 Master Listing Report - All Items

EIS304 Brief Asset Reports - Generated 5 different ways
all include capitalized items only with status of A, N, EH, EN (with
exception of the disposition report)
- EIS304ACQ - Includes acquisitions for current fiscal year
- EIS304CL - Brief Asset Listing by asset class
- EIS304DSP - Dispositions for current fiscal year
- EIS304FC - Brief Asset Listing by function
- EIS304FD - Brief Asset Listing by fund

EIS305 Book Value Reports - Generated 4 different ways
The date 06/xxxx (xxxx is FY being closed) is used for reporting date.
Includes capitalized items only with status of A, N, EH, EN (with exception
of disposition reports)
- EIS305CL - Book Value Report by class
- EIS305DSPCL - Depreciation for current FY dispositions by class
- EIS305DSPFC - Depreciation for current FY dispositions by function
- EIS304FC - Book Value Report by function

EIS401 Values for Insurance Report

EIS801 Official Audits Report

EISCLS EIS Fiscal Year Closing Reports
- EISCLS - EIS Closing Projection - Ending Balances by Fund
- EISDEP - EIS Closing Projection - Depreciation Posting Report