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Code Block
| Find:____________  __  __/__/____                                       |
|       tag         type   date                                           |
|                                                                         |
|   Tag Number:  003920       Type: FC    Date: 01/31/2007                |
|   Error Adjustment? N       Old : 5600  New : 1100    Amount:  104038.00|
|                                                                         |
|   Tag Number:  004839       Type: CL    Date: 07//27/2008               |
|   Error Adjustment? Y       Old : 0500  New : 0200    Amount:   10500.00|
|                                                                         |
|   Tag Number:  005839       Type: FD    Date: 04/19/2009                |
|   Error Adjustment?         Old : 300   New : 001        Amount:  310.02|
|                                                                         |
|   Tag Number:               Type:       Date:   /  /                    |
|   Error Adjustment?         Old :       New :            Amount:        |
|                                                                         |
|   Tag Number:               Type:       Date:   /  /                    |
|   Error Adjustment?         Old :       New :            Amount:        |
|                                                                         |
|  End of file reached                                                    |
|                                                                         |
|  TRNTRN - Transfer Transaction Program                                  |

Exercise 6: Transferring asset class of an item using TRNTRN

In this exercise, we need to correct the asset class on an existing tag by creating a TRNTRN for it. We will first review the tag in ITMSCN and then using TRNTRN, add a transfer transaction to change the function on the item.




Access the EISSCN menu

2. Select Option 1: ITMSCN

Access ITMSCN program

3. Enter 12932 in the FIND field and press FIND.  Review the tag data, confirming the existing asset class is 0200.


4. Exit ITMSCN and access Option 4: TRNTRN.


5. Press ADD and enter 12932 for the tag number.

Enter the tag number we need to adjust.

6. Enter CL in the Type field.

CL stands for Asset Class code. You can access HELP function key for list of codes you can perform a TRNTRN on.

7. Enter date 06/30/xxxx (current year).

Enter the transfer date.  It must be a date within the current processing year.

8. Accept the default value in the Error Adjustment field

If this capitalized item was supposed to be disposed of in a prior year, you would set this flag
to "Y".  The amount would then be included in the ADJUSTMENT column on the GAAP reports instead of the Transfer In/Transfer Out columns

9. Enter 0300 in the New field.

Enter the new asset class code.

10. Press Add to post the transfer transaction.

After posting, the Old asset class code and the original cost of the item will be displayed as well.

Review Pending Items from USAS (PENDING)


You may wish to add or modify the serial number, model number and the correct location category and number for each of the new tags. The program automatically defaults to the information stored on the item record for the tag number that was split. Once all the information is correct and complete, press the [Process] key. You will be taken back to the fist screen of the SPLIT option. You should see a message at the bottom of the screen signifying the split was completed successfully. When exiting out of the program, a report (SPLTAG.TXT) will be created listing the newly split tags.



7: Adding Items from a Lot and Splitting the Lot

In this exercise, you will pull a P.O. from the pending file on which the quantity of the PO item is greater than 1.  Example: two busses are purchased on the same P.O. line item  The price per bus is $79,200 for a total of $158,400.  This is called a LOT in EIS.  In some cases all of the items in the lot are treated as one unit and one tag number is entered.  However, in this case, each bus needs its own tag number.



1. Run OECN$EIS:EISSCN and access ITMSCN

2. Select ADD

An empty "Add Acquisition Transaction" record will be displayed

3. Enter P.O. #110862 and select GET PENDING

P.O. #110862 will be displayed

4. Move the cursor to Item 1 of PO#110862 and press SELECT ITEM

Review the P.O. data displayed in the "Add Acquisition Transaction" screen.  At this point, you are ready to complete the acquisition transactions and move onto Screen 1 of ITMSCN


This action will display the first screen of ITMSCN

6. Enter Item Category: 03CP

If you are unsure of the exact code, use the HELP function key to display a list of the available Item Category codes

7. Enter Location Category: 100 HSPR

If you are unsure of the exact code, use the HELP function key to display a list of available Location Category codes

8. Skip Org. Unit


9. Enter Asset Class: 0300

If you are unsure of the exact code, use the HELP function key to display a list of available Asset Class codes

10. Enter Function: 2400

If you are unsure of the exact code, use the HELP function key to display a list of available Function codes

11. Enter Fund: 001

If you are unsure of the exact code, use the HELP function key to display a list of available Fund codes

12. Select NEXT SCREEN or page down

Once you have completed Screen 1, select NEXT screen or page down to get to Screen 2

13. Enter the Beginning Depreciation Date in MM/YYYY format

Most often the Beginning Depreciation Date is the Month and Year of the Acquisition Date

14. Life Expectancy: 5

Useful Life Expectancy.

15. Press the ADD key

This will add the item to EIS.

16. Return to Screen 1 of ITMSCN and press SPLIT LOT key

Use SHIFT + F10 to invoke the split lot function.  We can to use this to split the busses into two separate inventory tags.

17. Notice the tag number is already displayed in the "Enter the tag number of the item to split" prompt

Leave the tag number as is.

18. Tab to the line "Enter the beginning new tag number to generate" and enter the original tag number.

It is permissible to use the original tag number of the LOT as the beginning tag number for the first sublot being generated.

18. Tab to line "Enter the number of new tag numbers to generate" and enter 2

You are splitting the lot into 2 tags, thus two tag numbers are required (even if one of them is the original tag number)

19. Press ACCEPT

A new screen will be displayed displaying the split tag numbers as well as a fields to optionally enter Serial and Model numbers as well as Org Units and Location codes.

20. Press PROCESS

If all of the information is correct, execute the splitting operation and post the records.  You will be returned to the original tag number where the splitting function was involved.  Notice the results of the split.



8: Disposing of part of a lot  

In this exercise, we are disposing a part of a lot of bookshelves because they were damaged. We will first review the tag and then use SPLIT LOT and DSPTRN to dispose of the 15 bookshelves that were damaged.