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The USASWEB Home page is displayed after you log into USASWEB. The home page displays a menu, to the left of the screen, of the USASWEB interfaces currently available. They are as follows:
USASWEB Interface Options

  • Accounts: ability to add budget and revenue accounts or query existing budget and revenue accounts
  • AP Invoices: ability to post new invoices and query existing invoices
  • Checks: ability to query existing USAS checks
  • Configuration: ability to add, modify, query, or delete user's requisition and purchase order preferences.
  • Purchase Orders: ability to add new POs and modify, invoice, delete, clone, print and query existing purchase orders
  • Receipts: ability to post a receipt or reduction of expenditure and modify, clone, reverse, print and query existing receipts or reduction of expenditures
  • Refunds: ability post a refund (with or without check) and modify, clone, reverse, print or query existing refunds
  • Requisitions: ability to add new requisitions and modify, delete, clone, print and query existing requisitions
  • Vendors: ability to add new vendors and modify, delete and query existing vendors

Please refer to "USASWEB Menu non-interface options" section for more information about the non-interface options under the USASWEB menu.

Click on an interface to display the options currently available under that interface.
There is also a "quick search " feature available at the top right hand corner of the screen that allows you to quickly look up a specific PO number, receipt, etc. Click on the down arrow next to the first empty box to select the type of information you are looking for. Once you select the type of transaction, then enter the transaction or vendor number in the second empty box and select Search. USASWEB will display the transaction or vendor on the screen.

USASWEB Menu non-interface options:

  • Utilities
    • Show Profile: displays the identifiers you have under your user account. The identifiers determine what type of access you have to state software.
    • Change Password: allows you to change the password of your ITC user account.
    • Show Current Users: displays the usernames of district personnel currently logged into USASWEB
  • Help
    • About: displays technical and user information about the current version of USASWEB as well as past versions of the software. Also included are the recommended browser requirements in order for USASWEB to perform smoothly and a list of the various tools and technologies used to develop the USASWEB application.
    • Documentation: provides the link to the SSDT Documentation Wiki where you can find the USASWEB User Guide. In the Wiki you can choose to export the documentation into word or .pdf format.  You may also access on-line help by clicking on the ? in the right hand corner of the screen
  • Logout: clicking on LOGOUT will immediately terminate your current USASWEB session.


Keyboard Shortcuts
The following keyboard shortcuts may be used instead of the mouse or in conjunction with the mouse:

  • Shift+Tab - takes you to prior field or icon
  • Alt+Left Arrow - Go to previous page
  • Alt+Right Arrow - Go to next page
  • Home - go to beginning of page
  • End - go to end of page
  • Ctrl+A – Selects text
  • Ctrl+C - Copy highlighted text
  • Ctrl+F - Find on this page
  • Ctrl+N - Opens a new browser window
  • Ctrl+R or F5 - Refresh current page
  • Ctrl+X - Cut highlighted text
  • Ctrl+V - Paste highlighted text at cursor position

Date Shortucts
The following shortcuts may be used instead of typing in full dates in any of the date fields:

  • Enter a day and it will default to current month and day entered. Example: 4 will be displayed as 11/04/2007
  • Enter month and date it will default to month and day entered. Example 1104 will be displayed as 11/04/2007
  • Enter month, date, and year it will default to month, day, and year entered. Example 110407 will be displayed as 11/04/2007
  • Enter t and it will default to today's date. Example t will be displayed as 11/04/2007
  • Enter abbreviated month name and day and it will default to month and day entered. Example Oct 6 will be displayed as 10/06/2007
  • Can click on calendar beside date field and it will display a calendar of current month, from there you can click on date desired.

Browser Tips

  • To avoid having to scroll down and across as much in the USASWeb screens, you can change your browser text size. Most browsers have a "View" option in the Menu bar. Under the View option there should be a "Text" or "Text Size" option that will allow you to increase or decrease the text size displayed in your browser
  • MAC Users: By default, MAC browsers will not be able to TAB to a dropdown box or some of the icons (like the add "+" icon). However, you may change this setting.
    • If you are using SAFARI:
      • Click on "Preferences", then "Advanced", and check the "Press Tab to Highlight each Item on a Webpage" checkbox.
    • If you are using FIREFOX:
      • Type about:config in the URL bar.
      • In the Filter field, type tabfocus
      • Double-click on the accessibility.tabfocus preference
      • Change the value to 7
      • Restart your browser

To access USASWEB's home page, it may be helpful to "bookmark" or add the USASWEB home page as a "favorite". Once you open your internet browser, you can immediately click on that added "bookmark" or "favorite" to access USASWEB's home page.

USASWEB Processing Tips

  • Most entries in USASWEB can be done without using the mouse. TAB takes you to the next field or icon (i.e. after entering an item, press TAB until you get to the plus "+" icon. It will highlight the icon – press ENTER to open another line item)
  • When adding more than one item, bypass the checkmark and click on the plus "+" icon to add another item (or Tab to it and press ENTER). It will save the current item and simultaneously open the next item. You need to use the checkmark to add an item if you wish to use the "Copy" icon to copy the in-formation from the added item to the next item.
  • When using drop-downs, you can type the first letter of the option instead of using the mouse (i.e. invoice status drop down menu-- enter in "P" for partial instead of using mouse to select "partial"). Or, you can use your up and down arrow keys to switch between the available options. This may be faster in modules such as invoices where it is especially beneficial to keep your hand on the numeric keypad.

    Note: The option to use the first letter is not available in the Safari browser on the MAC.

  • For invoice processing, leave the "received date" blank and it will default to the invoice date
  • After you complete the last item, you can Tab past the "+" sign to Validate your transaction.
  • If you do not need to see warnings (such as negative unencumbered balances), bypass VALIDATE and click on POST
  • If the price is a whole amount (no cents), there is no need to add the decimal and cents. (i.e. Enter 10 for 10.00 dollars) Also, please leave commas (,) out of the amounts (i.e. Enter 1000 instead of 1,000)
  • If the item descriptions are the same throughout the transaction, select the first item's description using CTRL+A, copy it using CTRL+C and when entering the subsequent items' description, use CTRL+V to paste the description.