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News You Can Use For W2 & 1099 Printing

New for 2022? The ability for a district to create their own W2 and 1099 print files.  Communication will need to occur between the ITC and school to ensure responsibility for printing W2s has been clearly defined.  Updates have been made that will now allow the user to create their own W2 or 1099 pdf files that contain all pertinent data required for printing. 

More Information on W2s 

To Print W2's from the USPS-R system

In USPS-R, the W2 Mailable Forms are generated through W2 Reports>W2 Mailable Forms. This option allows you to generate the employee copy. It will also allow for page overflow printing for Box 12, locality and state overflowMailable forms are NOT in Medicare/Non-Medicare order (just the sort order selected in the input screen).   The Printer/Sealer copies contain:

Copy CFor Employee's Records
Copy BTo Be Filed With Employee's Federal Tax Return
Copy 2To Be Filed With Employee's State, City or Local 
Copy 2To Be Filed With Employee's State, City or Local

To print the Employee W2 Mailable copies, districts will use the W2 Reports>W2 Mailable Form option. Once the file is created, the district will then go to W2 Report>W2 Form Output Files to download the file to their computer for printing.  These are formatted to fit 8.5" x 14" Z-Fold forms only. When printing the W2's, the district will select 'Actual Size'.  This file can then be Archived to File Archive>Payroll Archive>20xx Calendar Year Reports for future use.

To print the Employer copies, districts will use the W2 Reports>W2 Report and Submission, Forms or XML option, to generate a PDF version/XML of the W2 to retain for their records.  These will print on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and will print 1 (4 copies-Up copy) of the employee's W2.  

To print the City copies, districts will use the W2 Report>W2 Report and Submission, Forms or XML option.  They will want to change the Form Title to include the City Name and enter the City Tax Entity Code in 'Select By City Tax Entity Code' field.  This will return all employees that paid into this city for the year.  It will give 1 sheet (4 copies-Up copy) for each employee.  Once the file is created, the district will then go to W2 Report>W2 Form Output Files to download the file to their computer for printing.  

Click here for information on W2 Printing and Archiving.

To Print using Edge/Accountability 

If using Edge/Accountability to print districts W2's, select the XML option.  This is the format used for Edge/Accountability. 

To Create W2 File to be used by Kiosk 

To generate a file for Kiosk districts, they will use W2 Reports>W2 Archive Individual Forms option.  Here they can schedule a job for the file to be archived to File Archive>W2 Archive.  Kiosk will then utilize this file from here, for employee's to view their W2 in Kiosk.

More Information on 1099s

In USAS-R, the 1099 forms and related files are generated through the Periodic Menu > 1099 Extracts option. This page includes a drop down that allows selection of which types of files to generate. The Reference Copies and Printer/Sealer options have been added to allow creation of print files.

The Reference Copies option will allow generation of PDF versions of the 1099s to retain for your records. These copies are intended for specific purposes, including a copy of the information that is now sent electronically to the State and IRS.

Copy 1For State Tax Department
Copy 2Recipient's State Copy 
Copy A  Internal Revenue Service Center copy 
Copy BFor Recipient - If Copy B is chosen, you also have the ability to truncate the TIN/EIN numbers.
Copy CFor Payer - When Copy C is chosen, you also have the ability to truncate the TIN/EIN numbers

The Printer/Sealer copies contain both Copy 2 and Copy B that are to be provided to 1099 vendors. These are formatted to fit 8 1/2 x 11 Z-Fold forms only. When using this option, if both 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC are selected, the software will produce 2 separate output files for each form type.

More information for 1099 Extracts.

It is HERE, YTD Report!

The YTD Report program provides year-to-date totals and a benefit statement for all employees, pay groups, or individual employees. This report also includes a 'total cost to the board' amount for each employee included on the report. This total includes board contributions, board pickup amounts, and the employee's gross wages. The report is often printed one employee per page and distributed to employees at the end of the calendar year.

The report can be run for all Employees, Pay Groups, Job Statuses or by individual employee. Several selection and sort options are available. The program prompts you for the applicable calendar year. The report file generated is called YTD Report.pdf.  (Please click on screenshots below to maximize view) 

Useful links:

titleDid You Know?

The Pay Distribution Grid Has a New Look!

The days of searching for an employee's Pay Distribution and having to edit the record in order to view or make changes to the record are behind us!  The Pay Distributions - New grid allows one to see all Pay Distribution information without the extra clicking.   

The following columns can be included in the Pay Distributions - New grid.

titleDid You Know?

Just a reminder for those districts who are new to Redesign for calendar year 2022 and plan to submit their 1099 and W2 information on their own this year, you need to obtain the appropriate accounts for submission. Districts must obtain a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) in order to submit 1099 data to the IRS Fire System and register for a Business Service Online (BSO) account in order to submit their W2 data to SSA. These accounts may take some time to obtain so it is recommended to begin the process ASAP prior to year end.

W2: Please refer to the Business Services Online page on the SSA website to register for a BSO account.  There is a "For Employers" link with details on BSO Registration.

1099: Please see the FIRE System Update on the IRS website for details on applying for a TCC code. There is a 'new account' link to access the IR Application for TCC.