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  • Navigate to System → Modules
    • Install the Workflows Module
    • Refresh the page to enable the menu items
  • Navigate to System → Configuration
    • Edit the Workflows Configuration
    • Enable Employee Onboarding
    • Save the Workflows Configuration
    • Refresh the page to enable the menu items
  • Navigate to System → Workflow Integration
    • Click the Test Connection button
      • If this is successful, you are ready to use the employee onboarding workflows
      • If this is unsuccessful, please verify the API Keys are configured correctly in the properties files.

Updating Existing Application Containers

The SSDT has created a script to facilitate the updating of Workflows application containers. Please note this script is fairly basic at the moment and assumes it will be executed interactively from the base directory like the installation and importer scripts. We do plan to enhance this script to help ITCs schedule checking for updates of multiple instances using scheduled nightly jobs. 

The script will do the following.

  • Login to the SSDT artifact server
  • Pull the ssdt-workflows-app image
  • Stop the ssdt-workflows-app container (if running)
  • Remove the ssdt-workflows-app container if it exists
  • Create the ssdt-workflows-app container (based on the new image if one exists) and configure it to connect to the appropriate docker network and database along with optionally setting the environment variables need for nginx and letsencrypt and/or exposing an external port on the host (all of this is configured by the setup in the
Code Block
sudo /ssdt/prod/