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USPS Release

USPS Initialization Program & W2 changes for 2020

Please note:
After the USPS release is installed, the USPS2012 initialization program must be executed for all districts. This program will initialize the new Covid-2019 fields and remove the EIC fields.  In order to make room for the Covid-2019 fields we have removed the EIC fields because they are no longer used.  These changes are detailed in the release notes. A USPS2012.COM procedure has also been included to facilitate submitting the initialization program to run in batch.

We have made many changes to W2PROC and W2TAPE to produce output files for any districts who have employees who live in Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  (Pennsylvania was included last year).  This year there will be a special output file created just for Ohio.  We are asking ITC's to have backup copies of their districts data before they run W2PROC just in case a district needs to re-run W2PROC.   

Please be aware that any custom DTR, UDMS or reports that are using the EIC fields may no longer work.  We are no longer using EIC fields in USPS.  

We have included the 2021 Federal tax tables with this release.  The Federal tax tables for 2021 are the same as they were in 2020.

Please note that the new Covid-2019 fields are not supported in the USPS Web Soap Service.