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Individual user refund processing is controlled by a variety of variables, such as User account where the Account Filter and Role are defined for each user, Rules, etc.

Refund Check

If the refund requires a check to be created you will checkmark check the 'create check' optionbox.  When checked, it will activate the check fields. After the vendor number is entered it will automatically populate the 'Refunded To' field with the name of the vendor.  Either a physical check or electronic payment will be created in posted to the system depending on the default payment type of the vendor. You cannot assign a check number in Refund.  After the refund is posted, the refund check information will be available in Disbursements.  You can use the 'Generate Print File' option to assign a check number and generate a print file.  

Create Refunds

  1. From the Transaction menu, select "Refunds".
  2. Click on Create
  3. Enter in desired information from the refund.
    1. If creating a refund check, select Create Check' which then opens the 'Check Date' and 'Vendor Number' fields for data entry. 
    2. click on  to add line items.
  4. Click on Save to post the refund to the system.  Click on Cancel to cancel out of the transaction without posting.