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  1. View a vendor
  2. Click on Vendor Adjustments to open the Vendor Adjustments grid.
  3. Click on Create to create an adjustment:  
    • Date: The date will default to the current date. If updated, the date must be in an open period.
    • Description: You can optionally enter a description for the vendor transaction
    • By default, taxable will be checkmarked.  When checked, both the FYTD Taxable Total and FYTD Total as well as the YTD Taxable Total and YTD Total amounts will be updated.   The 1099 program will use the amount from the YTD Taxable Total. 
    • Amount: the amount of the vendor adjustment.  You can enter a The amount entered can be positive or negative increase or reduce the current YTD totals. This field cannot be blank or $0.00.
  4. Click on Post to post the transaction and it will be displayed on the Vendor Adjustment grid.