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A purchase order is a document authorizing a seller to deliver goods, with payment to be made at a later date. Monies are encumbered when a purchase order is created.

Create Purchase Order

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  1. From the Transaction menu select 'Purchase Orders'
  2. Click 


    and options work with the option. If is checked before clicking , it will save the new PO and leave the window open to create another PO. Ifis checked before clicking , it will close you out of the PO window.

  3. Enter desired information into the purchase order

    1. PO # : Purchase Order can be entered or if left blank will default to the next purchase order number based on the Transaction Configuration.
    2. Date: The transaction date must be in an open period.
    3. Vendor: Users can search for vendor by vendor number or primary name. Wild cards (%) can be used to search. Purchase Orders by default do not require a vendor number.
    1. No vendor means the user hasn't assigned one yet or that it will be used as a 'multi-vendor' purchase order (non-vendor specific). The creation of multi-vendor vendor numbers is no longer needed in Redesign.
    2. Description: Purchase Order header description.
    3. Deliver By Date
    4. Delivery Address: Select delivery address from drop down. Delivery Addresses shown based on setup in Core > Delivery Address page. User can also type in address.
    5. Terms
    6. Attention
    7. Source: Shows Requisition number for Purchase orders created by converting a Requisition.
    8. Summary
    9. Created Date: Date Purchase Order transaction created in
    the redesign.  
    1. USAS-R.
    2. Amended: When a Purchase Order is amended this box will automatically be checked.
    3. Invoiceable: Indicates a Purchase Order is still open and able to be invoiced.
    4. Multivendor
    5. Modified Date: Updated when the purchase order is directly edited or amended. Does not update when the purchase order is invoiced.
    6. Posted Date
    7. Then and Now: Will automatically be checked when a Then and Now transaction is processed. User will receive a warning when invoicing using a date prior to the purchase order date.
  4. Click on the Image Modified to add line items.
    1. Click   or  to move item up or down in listing of line items.
    2. Click on the  to copy line items.
      1. The allows the user to split items by quantity and the allows the user to split by price
  5. Click on to post the purchase order to the system, click on Cancel to not post the purchase order and return to the Purchase Order grid.