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  • ACQTRN - Post Acquisition-Payment Transactions

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  • Get Pending can be used to enter the purchase order number, item number, and invoice number of an item on the pending file. After filling in the fields, the [Get Pending] function key can be used to pull the item's information directly into the acquisition screen.
  • Type is the code for the "type" of acquisition record. This may be A-acquisition or P-payment. Type "A" affects the GAAP schedules if the item is capitalized. Type "P" is used to record payments and does not affect the GAAP schedules.
  • Date is the date the acquisition record is posted. The date must be in the current fiscal year as determined by the fiscal year closed flag on the EISMNT/DATSCN record.
  • Count is the number of acquisition transaction records entered for a single item on the same day. Acquisition transactions for an item are stored in increasing order by date.
  • USAS Account Code is the USAS source account to which the item is charged.
  • USAS Vendor Number is the USAS vendor number from which the item was purchased.
  • Acquisition Amount is the dollar amount expended for the item.
  • Original Cost Updated is the flag to have the original cost updated by the amount of a transaction. If entering an acquisition transaction for historical purposes, the flag would be set to "N" because the amount is already a part of the original cost entered on the inventory. This only affects acquisitions with a type = A.
  • Purchase Order No. is the USAS purchase order number used to purchase the item.
  • Item Number is the item number from the USAS purchase order.
  • Date is the date of the USAS purchase order.
  • Grant ID is the CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) number as found on the grant papers or a user supplied code to identify federal, state, or other grants.
  • Grant Year is the project year for the associated grant code.
  • Check No is the USAS check number used in purchasing the item.
  • Function is the item's function code from the ITMSCN.
  • Fund is the item's fund code from the ITMSCN record.
  • Class is the item's class code from the ITMSCN record.
  • Error Adjustment is the flag to show that the transaction is an adjustment for an error made in a prior fiscal year.
  • Indicates GAAP required fields

The fund, function, and class codes are non-modifiable fields carried over from the ITMSCN record for each item.