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  1. From the Transaction menu select 'Distributions/Error Corrections'
  2. Click on
    1. Enter in the required information


      Total Distributed: displays the total amount distributed.  For example, if I re-distributed $100 from the 001-2740-423-0000-000000-001-00-000 to the 001-2740-423-0000-000000-002-00-000, the total distributed amount would be $100.

      Total Items: displays the total items' amount.  In my example above, if I re-distributed $100 from one account to another, the net amount would be $0 which is what would appear on the Total Items field.

      Legacy Fields:  Classic's ACTMOD Expense/Supplies Distribution transactions imported in the Redesign will create a Distribution/Error Correction transaction displaying the Legacy Check Number, Legacy Purchase Order Number and Legacy Receipt Number.  The actual transactions (the Legacy Check Number, PO Number and Receipt Number) are not imported over.

    2. Click on to add line items
  3. Click on   to post the distribution/error correction, click on to not post the transaction and return to the grid.