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The default db connection pool max for both usasapp and uspsapp is 20.  Connection pools are used for logging in, running reports, etc.  A user logging in temporarily needs a connection to the db pool.  If many users are running reports (consuming connection pools), and a different user tries to connect, if no pool is available there will be a delay (up to 60 seconds) in the connection.  If the site is having issues, we  recommend doubling the db pool max size to 40.  This is done with an environment setting in the docker-compose.override.yml file.  When active connections reaches max connections, the application has run out. See Using System Monitor for information on how to see information about the pool connections and current db pool max setting.  This example shows how to set the maximum db connection pool size to 40.  Note that like other application environment settings, this is done per application and the application needs to be restarted in order for the change to take effect.