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Create a recordSeveral Options of USPS-R

Save a recordSeveral Options of USPS-R

Cancel a record without savingSeveral Options of USPS-R

Print a checksSeveral Options of USPS-R

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Modify recordsSeveral Options of USPS-R

Apply proposed amounts to initial estimates

Upload an outside spreadsheet into a Budgeting ScenariosScenarios

Reload enabled rules to current rules engineSYSTEM/Rules

Import a RPD-JSON formatted reportREPORTS/Report Manager

Create a customized report formatREPORTS/Report Manager

Creates an export file in text formatEXTRACTS

Generate the file format type selected

EXTRACTS/Positive Pay

UTILITIES/Generate File

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Post files selectedPROCESSING/Process Outstanding Payables

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Import FilesUTILITIES/Attendance/Absence Import

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Upload Zip Files

Import Zip Files from File Archive

UTILITIES/File Archive Import