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  • Invoking IFPRC and DYNFORM
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Invoking IFPRC

IFPRC may be used to process any IFD file from the DCL command line. It has all the same features as DYNFORM except the IFD file can not contain the /CALLBACK qualifier.

IFPRC must be invoked as a foreign DCL command. The following symbol should be defined:

    $ IFPRC :== $OECN$:IFPRC 

The format for invoking IFPRC is:

    $ IFPRC ifd_file [output_file]

Where "ifd_file" is the name of the IFD file containing the form definition to be processed. If output_file is specified then it overrides the SET OUTPUT command in the IFD file.

Invoking the DYNFORM callable interface

DYNFORM is the callable interface to the IFPRC functions. It allows programs to process an IFD file as well as specify any callback routines needed by the IFD file.

See DYNFORM Callable Interface for the calling sequence for DYNFORM.

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