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IFPRC (and the DYNFORM callable interface) process IFD files to create a formatted input screen run-time. The screen definition is specfied in an "IFD" file and passed to IFPRC or DYNFORM. The screen is generated and the users responses are stored in a standard list data file.

IFPRC is simply a shell program which calls DYNFORM. The rest of this document will refer to DYNFORM. Unless otherwise indicated, IFPRC has has the same features as DYNFORM.


DYNFORM offers several features which make it applicable for creating interactive prompting programs. Among these are:

  1. Ability to develop block mode screens without writing COBOL programs. Approximately thirty screens of data can be handled.
  2. Nearly complete control over the appearance of the screen, including field placement, background text and attributes.
  3. Simple validations and help handled within IFD file.
  4. Complex validations may be handled by writing a "callback" routine which can be called by DYNFORM while the form is being processed.
  5. The users responses are automatically saved in a list data file. These responses are automatically recalled the next time the user invokes the screen.
  6. DYNFORM can execute a DCL command, procedure or program when the user presses the "Execute" key. The parameter file is passed to the executed command.
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