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Modifying Benefits

To modify an employee's benefit information from the Benefit Detail screen, click the Modify button located in the box labeled Benefit Details which is displayed at the top of the screen. The Benefit Modify screen will appear with fields that are now modifiable (See sample below). Once the desired changes have been made, click Accept to save the changes. To exit modify mode without saving any changes, click Cancel and the information will return to its previous state.

Example 4.1. Benefit Modify Screen

Adding New Benefit Information

To create benefit information for an employee, click Add/Modify under the Benefit sidebar menu. A blank benefit screen will appear for the new benefit data to be entered (see sample below). If default be-nefit information (any information entered for the all 1's Social Security Number) exists, it automatically appears when adding new benefit information. Fields marked with a red dot are required fields. Once the benefit information has been entered, click Accept to create the new benefit. To exit benefit add mode without creating the new benefit, click Cancel.

Example 4.2. Benefit Add Screen

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