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This program generates a report listing the district's current accrued wage obligations by account code.

Current accrued wage obligations are monies that employees have earned, but have not yet been paid up through the payables date entered in the program. For stretch pay jobs this is the accrued wage amount. For non- stretch pay jobs this would be the number of workdays times the daily rate up through the payables date entered.

The program generates a report called Wage Obligation Report by Account.

The program has the ability to optionally create spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can be used by any district, but may be particularly helpful to those districts on GAAP.

Wage Obligation By Account calculation explanation

The Contract Obligation and Accrued Wages comes from CORE/COMPENSATION.  

The Contract Remaining = Contract Obligation - Amount Paid.

Field Definitions

  • The Format options are:
    • PDF (download)
    • Common Separated Values
  • Enter a Report as of date.  The default date will be the current day 

  • Enter a Date to calculate payables through.  The default is June 30 of the current fiscal year.  (This field cannot be left blank)

  • Select a Sort By option from the drop down box:
    • Full Account Code
    • Employee Number 
    • Employee Name

  • Select an Appointment Type Option
    • Certificated
    • Classified
    • All Appointment Types

  • Check to Include Positions of archived Employees 

  • Select Pay Groups or leave blank to select all

  • Select Employees or leave blank to select all

  • When all options have been entered, click on 

Example of Account Wage Obligation Report

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