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 A "user" is a person that the software is designed for and is using it.  The username entered when creating the user is the username they will use to log into USPS-R.    

Users are assigned one or more Roles The roles assigned to the user thus determine the access that user will have in the system.


Highlight Viewer

To use the 'Highlight Viewer', select the row in the grid to view.  The 'Highlight Viewer' on the right hand side will appear:

Create a User

  1. From the System menu select 'User'
  2. Click on 
  3. Enter in required user information:

Field Definitions:

  • Enter in the Username of the employee

  • Enter the Name of the employee

  • A Title name can be entered if desired

  • An Email address can be entered if desired

  • Select the Assigned Roles for the employee by using the  option.
    • Grant the User one or more roles

      • highlight desired roles

      To select more than one role at a time hold the control key and click on each one.

      To select more than one role in consecutive order highlight the first role, hold the shift key and highlight the list permissions.

  • The Account Expiration is the date at which the user account will expire.  After this date, the user will be effectively disabled.  This affects both locally and externally authenticated users.

  • The Password Expiration is the date at which the user's password will expire.  The user will be required to change the password after this date.  Does not affect externally authenticated users.

  • Uncheck box to disable a user from using the account.

  • Is the account currently Locked? (If checked, the account is locked) Locked accounts are usually temporary situations caused by excessive login failures or other account status problems.  Use the 'enable' flag to permanently disable a user.  

  • External Authentication Is user authenticated by a external trusted system?  Externally authenticated users must use the external system to update their password.

  • The Last Login option will show when the employee was last logged into the system.

  • This box will be checked if the employee's Account is expired

  • This box will be checked if the employee's Password is expired

Click on  to create the user, click on  to not create the user.


The User grid allows the user to search for existing account filters by clicking in the filter row in the grid columns and entering in the desired information. Click on any row of the search results to see a summary view of the record.  The  Advanced Search can be utilized by clicking on the   in the upper right side of the grid.


Click on  in the grid beside the user to edit the record. Only fields that are allowed to be edited will be displayed. 

Change User Password

A user's password may be changed for them or if the user knows their password, they may also change it themselves by clicking on the Change Password link on the login page.

  1. From the System menu select 'User'
  2. Search for desired user
  3. Click on
  4. Enter in the new password and verify it
  5. Click on  to make the change, click to  to not change the password.


 Click on  in the grid beside the desired user. A confirmation box will appear asking to confirm that the user should be deleted.

User Listing Report

To run a report showing the Username, Name, Last Login and Roles of the user, import the attached .json file: USPS-R User Listing Report.json into your instance.

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