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USAS Integration

This option will allow the admin to test the connection between USPS-R and USAS-R.   To use this, the admin must first use the Module Configuration option to enter the configuration details for the USAS Module, and also enter the security key into the USPS Integration/Security Configuration option.

You will see the USAS Integration option in the main Menu:

Account Synchronization

If the USAS Integration module is enabled. the application will automatically schedule a nightly account sync job.  This should greatly reduce the need for users to execute manual account syncs.  

However, if account changes have taken place where it warrants a manual sync before posting Employer Distributions Submissions or a Payroll Submission, click the 'Account Synchronization' option to synchronize payroll accounts with USAS.

  1.  Click on 'Synchronize Accounts with USAS' button to start synchronization.  A message will eventually be displayed showing the start of the progression.  The progress will be displayed in blocks of data (i.e. '1 out of 16 processed'.  This doesn't mean one out of 16 accounts, it means one block of accounts or account transactions it's pulling out of 16 blocks.)   Here is an example of the progress:

2. The synchronization progression will display updates until it reaches the final block of data..  At that time, it will update the status to 'Submitted to USAS'.

3. When completed, it will update the status for a final time stating 'Account synchronization completed'.

Employer Distributions Submission

***Note*** - In order to see 'Employer Distributions Submission' option, go to SYSTEM/MODULES and click on  and then 'Click here to refresh page' .  

The Employer Distributions Submission program is used to Post to the USAS system.  

Field Options:

  • Enter the Start and End Pay Date Ranges.
  • If you want to include deductions based on Payment Cycle, select from the following:
    • Leave Blank if selecting Payroll Items to pay
    • None
    • Every payroll
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually
    • 1-9 user defined cycles
  • Check if wanting to 'Use Only Employer Distribution Accounts' marked in CORE/PAYROLL ACCOUNTS as being an 'Employer Distribution' account?
  • Once Payroll Items have been selected, click on .  The Payroll Items you have selected will show in the box below:


  • Click on the Payee Name to show in the 'Submission Preview Payee' details box.  The detail grid will show each expenditure account code and amount for the Payee line:


  • Once your payroll items have been selected, click on 

Employer Retirement Share Submission

***Note***  In order to see 'Employer Retirement Share Submission' option, go to SYSTEM/MODULES and click on  and then click on 'Click here to refresh page'.

The 2XX Object codes for retirement benefits MUST be defined on the Payroll Item Configuration record in order for the appropriate accounts to be charged. See Payroll Item Configuration for complete setup instructions.

The Employer Retirement Share Submission program creates a submission file for the Board's share of retirement.  


Warning - ExpenditureAccount not found XXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXXXX-XXX-XX-XXX.  Mapping can be used to enter Account not found to an Account that is active in USAS.

Payroll Submission

To submit a posted payroll's amounts to their appropriate USAS accounts:

  • select 'Payroll Submission' under the 'USAS Integration' menu.  Reminder: make sure your accounts have been synchronized prior to submitting payroll to USAS.
  • Select the payroll you want to submit by clicking on .

  • A USAS Payroll Submission Detail screen displays the details of the payroll, including the pay accounts and amounts to be expended to USAS.  Click on  to submit the data to USAS.  If you do not wish to post at this time, click on .
  • **NOTE** If Posting file is submitted more than once, a warning message will appear "Payroll has already been submitted - are you sure you want to resubmit?"  Resubmission of the file can only be done if USAS has not posted it on there end.

    • The 'Posting Status' will change to 'Sent' when the payroll has been submitted successfully to USAS.   Please click on  to return to the payroll listing.  The 'USAS Posting Status' column will indicate 'Pending'.  Once the payroll has been posted in USAS, the status will update to 'Posted'.  Please click on Pending Transactions under USAS-R's Transaction menu to post the payroll to USAS.

Security Configuration

For most district instances the USAS Integration will be configured automatically.   In rare cases, it may be necessary to configure the integration manually.  See USAS Integration Advanced Configuration for details. 

Test Connection

The USAS Integration Test Connection will allow you to test your connection with the USAS system:

Select Test Connection 

Make any desired changes to the Remote Host, Remote Port, DNS Lookup and Click on 

A summary will appear below stating whether the connection has failed or successful:

Click on will remove the summary below and a new test may take place.

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