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STRS Monthly Report Options

Once the last payroll for the month is complete, you can run the STRS Monthly Report option for balancing purposes. This report, called STRS Monthly Report will list month to date earnings, contributions, days, and fiscal to date earnings, contributions, and days.

The option, allows the users to create and save certain reports  for different report runs for each report option.  The Default option is the original SSDT report and the Most Recent is the last report that was ran by the user.  If the report is no longer needed, click on to delete the report.  The Default reports cannot be deleted.  

Report Title: Default title is STRS Monthly Report, but can be changed
Month:  Select the STRS reporting month from the drop-down box
Year:  Select the STRS reporting year from the drop-down box
Sort By:  Select Employee Name or Employee SSN from the drop-down box
Report Format: Default is set with PDF, but can be changed from the drop-down box

After selecting your options you can then 

Example of STRS Monthly Report

How the figures are Calculated

Member Earnings FTD

  • The total of the Applicable Gross for all Strs HistoricalPayrollItems for the fiscal year plus any Total Gross adjustment journals for the Strs PayrollItem. 

  • The FTD Member Earnings, Deposits and Employer Pickup amounts WILL include STRS advance amounts.  In classic, the FTD amounts did not include STRS advance amounts.  If running the STRS Monthly report that includes an imported payroll during advance period, then the advance amounts for the payrolls will not be included on the report since they were not imported from classic.


No compensation to calculate hours in a day for potential partial dock absence for employee number XXXXXXX, activity date: Sat Feb 01 00:00:00 EST 2014, unit: Daily, length: 1

STRS Monthly Report Video

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