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Quarter Report

The Quarter Report program generates a report of quarter-to-date figures for employees and provides information necessary to complete the IRS Form 941 Quarterly statement.

The Save and Recall option , allows the users to create and save certain reports  for different report runs for each report option.  The Default option is the original SSDT report and the Most Recent is the last report that was ran by the user.  If the report is no longer needed, click on to delete the report. The Default reports cannot be deleted. 

Sample Quarter Report

Form 941 Breakdown

Line 2) QTD Taxable Wages

Calculated Adjusted Gross + Medicare Pick up

Line 5C) QTD Medicare Taxable Wages

Adjustment Journals of Type Applicable Gross for Medicare Tax Items 
Historical Payroll Item Applicable Gross for Medicare Tax Items (History) 
Adjustment Journals of Type Life Insurance
All totaled together = Line 5C) QTD Medicare Taxable Wages

Users with Admin level privs can go to Utilities / Custom Grid Creator  and select Historical Payroll Item. This will provide a grid of the history and they can filter, add columns, sort, etc

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