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Quarter Report

The Quarter Report program generates a report of quarter-to-date figures for employees and provides information necessary to complete the IRS Form 941 Quarterly statement. 

The Save and Recall option , allows the users to create and save certain reports  for different report runs for each report option.  The Default option is the original SSDT report and the Most Recent is the last report that was ran by the user.  If the report is no longer needed, click on to delete the report. The Default reports cannot be deleted. 

Medicare Pickup 

Quarter Report per Employee

Quarter Report will now show the Employer Pickup or Employee Contribution for Medicare per employee:

Quarter Report Deduction Items Summary

The Deduction Items Summary will now show the breakdown of the 692 Employee Contribution and Employer Pickup for Medicare

Quarter Report Form 941

Form 941 totals will show QTD Employees' with the Pickup amount added in and QTD Employer's Medicare Contributions without 

$10,569.84 + $1,454.47 (Picked up by board) = $12,024.31

Totals Summary

The new info message 'Calculated Adjusted Gross Different than Total Adjusted Gross From Federal Records' was only added to QTD and YTD Total columns and not FTD column.  This is due to newly imported districts, that this column would not show the correct calculation since Classic did not have FTD fields on some of the Deductions and Redesign now does. This will be implemented after all districts are on redesign for a year.  

Calculated Adjusted Gross = Total Gross - Total Annuities + Non Cash Earnings
Total Adjusted Gross is taken from the totals on employees Federal tax records

A difference could be from Adjustment Journals and/or NC1 and NC3 added AFTER last payroll using Adjustments

The Difference in Adjusted Gross and CALCULATED ADJUSTED GROSS DIFFERENT THAN TOTAL ADJUSTED GROSS FROM FEDERAL RECORDS *** lines will not appear if there is no difference in Adjusted Gross.

Sample Quarter Report

Totals Summary Breakdown

QTD and YTD Total

Total Gross = Total gross of each Position paid (does not include NC payments, add in using the Non-Cash Earnings amount)

Total Annuities = Total Payroll Items and adjustments Journals

Non-Cash Earnings =  Life Insurance (NC1)

Total Adjusted Gross = Sum of Adjusted Gross Totals of historical federal pay items 
Adjusted Gross Total = Sum of Applicable Gross type Journals + Sum of Applicable Gross of historical pay items

Calculated Adjusted Gross = Total Gross - Total Annuities + Non-Cash Earnings

If Difference In Adjusted Gross, look for any NC1 adjustments entered AFTER last payroll of the year.  Currently, refund of deductions or any voids from classic will not appear on the quarter report.

(If balancing YTD Totals using Earnings Register and Quarter report, any refund of deductions imported from Classic or any voids, these do not appear on the quarter report)

Form 941 Breakdown

Line 1) Total Employee Count Per 941 Instructions-This total is the total employee count per 941 instructions. This count is determined by adding all the employees who have a pay from the last month of the quarter covering the 12th of the month. This count is what is needed to fill out line 1 on the 941 form. However, if there is a pay lag and it causes the pay that covers this period to not be paid until the next quarter, this count will be zero on QRTRPT.

If a payroll lag is causing the 941 count on QRTRPT to be zero; one option is to pull the employee count from PAYRPT when the payroll covering the 12th of the last month is processed.

             Total Employees Paid in Quarter-Is informational and contain the total number of employees paid in the quarter. It is not used for 941 reporting.

Line 2) QTD Taxable Wages

Calculated Adjusted Gross + Medicare Pick up

Line 5C) QTD Medicare Taxable Wages

Adjustment Journals of Type Applicable Gross for Medicare Tax Items 
Historical Payroll Item Applicable Gross for Medicare Tax Items (History) 
Adjustment Journals of Type Life Insurance
All totaled together = Line 5C) QTD Medicare Taxable Wages

Users with Admin level privs can go to Utilities / Custom Grid Creator  and select Historical Payroll Item. This will provide a grid of the history and they can filter, add columns, sort, etc

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