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A Redesign Technical Setup and Migration Guide is available in an effort to consolidate the various pieces of our documentation relevant to setting up a new school on USXS-R.

There are a few clean up in classic that need to be addressed before the importing of the data to USPS-R  can be completed. 

  • In classic the SERS date in USPCON must be set to the previous payroll processing month. This date is used to determine the current posting period on import. (Normally this date is set when SERSMONTH is processed and the Clear SERS MTD Accumulators flag set to Y.)  Example, if processing in May, the SERS Period Closing Date should be 04/2020. This date is used to determine the current posting period on import. So, if the district is currently processing in May in classic (i.e. running May payrolls) then the closing date on USPCON should be 04/2020.                           

    SERSMONTH should be processed AFTER the last pay of a month has been completed. If importing data from classic in the middle of a month or between the first and second payroll of the month SERSMONTH should NOT  be ran for that month, since the end of the month pay has not been processed yet.

  • In classic district should process STRSMONTH. If they are dual processing and use the report from STRSMONTH for balancing, they will want to keep a copy of this. They will then run STRSMONTH again at the end of the and use that report as well as the first report for balancing.

    Run STRSMONTH to clear the MTD accumulators during the month preceding the last month prior to extract.  For instance, if you plan on extracting at the middle/end of March, you will want to run STRSMONTH at the end of February to clear the MTD so they are correct when it comes time to extract the data.


  •  Run PAYDED to clear the 400, 450, 690, 691, 694 and any other board  paid deduction accumulators.  **NOTE** If the board accumulator field for an employee is >= 1 million dollars then the following USPLOAD option must be used to clear these accumulators.                                                                                                                                                          
  • The other option would be to create a spreadsheet with all of the board paid amounts from the 400,450, 690, 691, 694 and any other board paid deductions and change those amounts to 0.00 and then use  USPLOAD to load this data into the deduction records before importing to redesign begins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Before Importing, districts have two choices
    • If at a Quarter End period, districts will want to CLOSE both SERS and the Quarter and then Import into Redesign.  If in a middle of a Quarter but at the end of a month, CLOSE SERS before importing but Leave the Quarter open.
    • or Districts will want to leave OPEN SERS and the Quarter and Import into Redesign
      • Closing SERS and not closing quarter and then importing will cause next month period (in the next quarter) to be current and gross figures will be thrown in incorrect quarter

  • Before importing, if district will be using Employer Retirement Share (BRDRET) in Redesign, they must make sure they enter in the correct percentage for the Board Share portion, if they haven't already, in the 400 and 450 DEDSCN.  If no Percentage is entered before importing, Employer Retirement Share report will NOT complete.

  • Payroll in classic should be completed. All Payroll and Board BATCH files need to be posted to USAS.  If any old .batch files are remaining and are not needed, please contact ITC and we will modify these to be .NOTPOSTED          

    Data in FUTURE can  be imported, but possibly may not be usable in redesign. This would require the FUTURE data in redesign to be deleted and re-added.  It is up to the ITC and district whether they wish to import FUTURE data or not. 


  • Run USPSDAT/DNAMRPT-Check classic DEDNAM records to verify that like vendors have the same address information. (Ex. if there are several OSDI records and the address line contains a unique characters like an OSDI
    code for each record. You will want to remove the OSDI code so that the address is the same for all OSDI records so that one payment is processed for the State of Ohio for all OSDI records.) 

  • Verify that the address field in DEDNAM has data in all fields (Name, Address, City, State and Zip)

  • If JOBSCN has a calendar and no pay group, a pay group needs to be added on JOBSCN before the migration. If pay groups have calendars associated with them in USPSDAT/PGRPED then no update is needed to JOBSCN, if a PAYGRP is already entered, since calendar and pay group data would be defined.
  • Suggestion - Please contact your ITC: Verify that all JOBSCN records have a Contract Stop Dates before importing into Redesign. Create a csv file with the necessary data  see Job Position File Information. Utilize  USPLOAD/JOBSCN to update the Contract Stop Date field. 
  • In classic, run QRTRPT and W2PROC to balance and clean up any errors before importing.

  • STRSAD can be ran after January 1 of the current school year to balance

  • In classic run BENRPT.   
  • If using USPSDAT/ROUTSCN and want this data to import over into Redesign, make sure in the employees 700 Direct Deposit deductions, that the Institutions Xref field is filled in. If this field is not filled in, NO Description will be imported into CORE/ACH DESTINATION description.  If certain Xref codes are not being used at the time of import, these will need to be added in the ACH Destination description field.

  • The first chance to import Payroll CD into Redesign is during the initial extract, import of the Classic USPS data. They need to use the "TRUE" option on the Classic USPSREXTR.COM command procedure as detailed here: USPS Classic Extract Process 

Re-Import Data Precautions

  • If data is being re-imported it is suggested that any reports that may have been created are saved to a json file and then re-imported when the district data has been re-imported.

  • If grids have been customized and district data is being re-imported, you will want to make screen shots of how your grids are currently setup. After the re-importing of the data you will need to set your grids up again like they were before the re-import.



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