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Payroll Item Refund is used to process a refund of a Payroll Item for an employee. For example, a Payroll Item Refund would be necessary if an employee had an insurance deduction withheld for $80.00 and it should not have been deducted. The Payroll Item Refund allows you to reimburse the total amount or a portion to the employee and reduce the amount sent to the deduction company.

To refund an employee, the amount must be set up in the employee's Payroll Item Error Adjustments field as a negative amount.  If having to deduct more money from the employee, the amount will need to be a positive.

Once the amount is entered, go to Processing/Payroll Item Refund

Click on 'View' to view the Payroll Item to be refunded or 'Edit' to update the record

Select the employee to be refunded by enter athe box.  

Then click on :

Bank Account:  Can use the  to select Bank Account for processing

Starting Check Number:  Leave blank to automatically increment highest current number

Output Format:  XML (Export)

                            PDF (Print)

Payment Option:  Check Payment

                               ACH Electronic Payment

ACH Source:  Use the  to select ACH source for processing

File Name:  A File Name will be automatically entered 'PayrollItemRefund2017/06/15.XML' or this can be modified by the users.

Once all has been selected, click on to process the output file for printing

Example .XML Check Payment:

<?xml version="1.0"?>





<organizationName>JUNIT CITY SCHOOLS</organizationName>



<street1>SCHOOL ST</street1>


<city>SAMPLE CITY</city>





<name>BROCKOVICH, ERIN H.</name>

<reportName>ERIN H BROCKOVICH</reportName>










<written1>Ten Dollars and 00/100 Cents</written1>

<voidMessage>Void After 90 Days</voidMessage>




Example of a PDF Check Payment:

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