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 Payments are the Deductions paid out.  In this option, Payee's can be Voided and Un-voided.  

Payee Payment Checks are a list of Payee Checks paid to company's.    The Print Checks option is for Re-issuing a check, creating an Output Form Files for Printing Checks and the Resequence check option is for renumbering checks if damaged or entered in wrong.  The 'Old Checks' can be Voided during this time.

The Electronic Transfers  option are a list of Electronic Transfers.  In this option, ET can be Reconciled or Unreconciled.

Highlighter View

To get more detail view of the payment number, click anywhere in the row:

Click on  to show detail of the Payables Paid:

Payee Payments

Under the Payee Payments option, the payments can be Voided and Un-voided. 


To Void a payment, select the Payment Number and click on  

Enter in the Void Date


To Un-void a payment, select the Payment Number and click on 

Payee Payment Checks

Have the options to Void & Re-issue, Print Checks and to Resequence checks. 

Issued Date = date entered when running Outstanding Payables

Transaction Date = date entered when running Outstanding Payables


To Void & Re-issue a check, select the Check or payment Number

Select a Bank Account from the drop down box. Enter in the Reissue Date or leave blank for today's date.   A New Check Number can be entered or left blank for the system to automatically use the next available check number.  The Old Check will be Voided at this time.

Print Checks

To Print a Check, select the Check or Payment Number.  

Click on 'Print Checks' option

Output Format: XML (Export)

                           PDF (Print)

File Name:  XML (Checks.xml)

                    PDF (Checks.pdf)

Form:  Only is an option for PDF format

Once all selections have been made, click on  or to cancel select .

Example Payee Payment Check.XML

Example Payee Payment Check .PDF

The information on the right of the check is the check stub.  This is the default form setup.  If the user wants a different setup, they can create their own format.


Enter in Original Start Number of bad checks.  This is a required field.

Enter in Original End Number of bad checks.  This is a required field.

Enter in the New Start Number.  This is a required field. 

There is an option to  at the same time they are being Resequenced.  If left Unchecked, the bad checks will NOT be voided.

Once all data has been entered, select  ,  or  to Exit.

Validate with 'Void Old Checks' option:

Posting with 'Void Old Checks' option:

Payee Electronic Transfers

List of Payroll Item Electronic Transfers

This program handles Reconciliation of single Electronic Transfers or ranges of Electronic Transfers. An Unreconciling option is also available for Electronic Transfers that are reconciled in error and must be reversed.  


Select Payment Number to Reconcile

Enter in Reconcile Date:

Click on Reconcile


Select Payment Number to Unreconcile

Report Creation

To create a report from the Grid, please click on the Report documentation link to find the How to Steps: Report

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