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The Pay Amount Summary Report produces a report that summarizes the pay type, number of units, and the pay amount by job for each active employee in the pay period. The grand totals are listed by pay type as well as a contract total. The contract total includes all amounts with a pay type of 'Reg' (Regular), 'AC' (Accrued), 'DCK' (Dock), and 'BCK' (Retro).

Field Definitions

  • The default report file name is Pay Amount Summary Report. The text file name can be changed at the Report Title prompt.
  • Select the Payroll from the drop down box.  Also have the option to .  This option will take you back to your Payroll Detail screen to view your Pay Group options.
    • pay date - pay plan - pay cycle - description 
  • The  option will create a Grand Totals page if checked.
  • The  option will start a new page for each employee if checks if checked.
  • The Sort By option allows you to sort the report by:
    • Employee Number
    • Employee Name
    • Pay Group
    • Building/Department
  • Check the  option to show the 'Available' Pay Groups.  Click on the  to select the Available pay groups to move to the Selected box (deselected).  The report will show the pay groups that are listed under Available:
  • click on to create the Pay Amount Summary Report:

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