ODJFS New Hire Report Options 

The ODJFS New Hire Report is designed to assist in the reporting of new employees to the Ohio Department of Human Services. This reporting is to be done within 20 days of the employee's hire date.

When employees are added to the Payroll files, the 'New Hire Reported ODJFS' field in the Employee module is either blank or a check mark.  A blank indicates the employee has not been reported to the Ohio Dept of Human Services yet and a check mark shows that the employee has been reported.  The ODJFS New Hire report uses the ODJFS Hire Date located under Core/Employee.  If no ODJFS Hire Date is entered, it will then use the employee's Hire Date.

Before you can generate a ODJFS New Hire Report you need to select the employees from the grid.  Employees who appear on the left column of the grid are those who have NOT been reported to ODJFS .  To select employees individually, click on the employee and hit the right arrow and they will move to the right column for employees to be reported.   To select several employees, you can click on the selected employees while holding down the ctl key and and then click the right arrow.  If you want to select a large group or the entire group, click the first employee you want to select, then click ctl + shift and then click on the last employee to be included and then click the right arrow.  To remove employees from the report and move them back to left side of the selection, select the employees on the right side of the grid and hit the left arrow key.

After you have selected your employees , click on the 'Generate Report' button and a PDF file will be created for the district to review.  If the report looks correct, then you need to generate a CSV submission file.  The submission file that is created should be submitted to the Ohio New Hire Reporting Center.  The CSV submission file HIRE123456789ccyymmdd.CSV will have the name HIRE then the Districts Federal EIN number, then the current date and .CSV.  Please refer to the Ohio New Hire Reporting website for further details on transferring the file electronically. 

The 'New Hire Reported ODJFS' field for those submitted to Ohio New Hire will now have the flag checked in the employee module (prior to running this program, it was a blank).

Note: The true SSN of the employee will be reported to The Department of Human Services.


 'Include Headers for Validation in Submission File':

For the ODJFS new hire report optional headers, this allows a header line to be added to the submission file if the district will be submitting the file for validation only.  The validation step is optional, but if they are going to use it, then the headers are required in the file and they can check the box to have them auto generated in the file.  When they generate the file to submit it, the headers should not be in the file so the box should be left unchecked. 

Ohio Department of Job and Family services New Hire Report

Generate Submission File without Headers

Generate Submission File with 'Include Headers for Validation in Submission File' checked:

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