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Generates a New Contract Report outlining purged contracted information.

Field Definitions:

  • The Sort By field offers the following choices:
    • Employee Number
    • Employee Name
    • Pay Group
    • Building/Department
    • Contract Start Date
    • Number of Days
    • Number of Pays
    • Job Calendar
  • Select  to include a Subtotal by selected Sort Option
  • Select  to have a Page Break by the selected Sort Option
  • Enter a Contract Start Date
  • Select an Appointment Type from the drop down box:
    • Certificated
    • Classified
    • Or leave blank to include all
  • Select the Job Calendars from the Available to the Selected box using 
  • All Pay Groups will be shown in the 'Selected' box.  Move the unwanted Pay Groups to the 'Available' box using 
  • Click on  to create the report.

Example of New Contract Report (No Subtotal or Page Break)

New Contract Report by Subtotal:

New Contract Report by Page Break:

New Contract by Subtotal and Page Break:

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