The Leave Projection Report needs to be installed under SYSTEM/MODULES/Leave Projection Module. Once installed, the report will then show under REPORTS.

This Leave Projection Report program generates worksheets to provide you with dollar amounts for the distribution from which absences may be charged to the proper leave accounts.  The Leave Projection Report may be used to charge out all leave benefits or only specific ones. This option allows the user to run Leave Projection Reports as many times as desired. The Leave Projection Report uses the payroll history files to create the worksheet as specified in the reporting options selected when the program is run.  

As long as the payroll you wish to include on the worksheet has been posted through the payroll program, the Leave Projection Report can be processed. It does not have to be run at any specific time in the payroll processing sequence since it draws its information from the payroll history files.

The regular payroll process does not automatically charge the appropriate leave accounts. To distribute the leave amounts to the correct USAS benefit accounts, the program Leave Projection must be run. If Leave Projection is not run, all leave is charged to the regular pay account. The Leave Projection program will create a posting file which will be posted by the USAS Intergration/Leave Projection Submission program.  Contained in this posting file will be a positive reduction of expenditure to the regular payroll account (giving the money back) and a negative reduction of expenditure to the appropriate leave account.

Leave Projection Report may be run at the district's discretion (after each payroll, once a month, once a quarter, etc). The important thing to keep in mind is when the reduction of expenditure transactions should appear on the USAS accounts.

Accounts to be Charged

The Leave Projection program switches the object code of all the active pay accounts for an employee and prorates the leave charges across those accounts that were active at the time of the absence.

Leave Projection Report Option

Field Definitions

  • The default report file name is Leave Projection.  The text file name can be changed at the Report Title prompt.
  • Enter Start and End Dates for the leave processing.   Leave Projection report will only attempt to project leave for transactions that have dates included in the date range specified at this prompt.  This field is mandatory.
  • Select  to show absences that already have been posted to USAS. This does NOT include Holiday or Calamity days.
  • Select the Available Leave Types to Selected Leave Types for processing.  Personal, Sick and Vacation is automatically selected.  
  • Select  to include Error messages on each report.
  • Click on each report option for report generating:

Leave Projection (Account Summary)

Creates a report that contains the accounts which will be used for leave projection and the amounts that will be used for the reductions of expenditure.

Leave Projection (Account Detail)

Is similar to the summary report, but adds the employee names to the corresponding accounts.

Leave Projection (Employee Detail)

Shows a detail of the Employee's absences for the time selected

Leave Projection (Messages Only)

Contains any errors that may have occurred.

Leave Projection OBJ Conversion

Info, Errors and Warnings Messages

INFO - No historical payroll account information found - using currently active percentage accounts - this info message is stating that when the accounts were charged for the pay, there were no accounts that had the leave projection flag set to true.   The software is looking at the payroll accounts charged on the historical position pay from payroll and it didn't find an account with the flag set to true, so we are using the current active percentage accounts that have the leave projection flag set to true.

Info - Total account charges is zero for MM/DD/YYYY payroll, could not calculate charge amount for Leave Projection.  No action required.

WARNING - Could not calculate charge amount for Leave Projection - Employee is missing 'Hours In Day' on their Compensation.

Could not find applicable position pay information - this message is displayed because we could not find the associated historical position pay for the absence on MM/DD/YY.  This is a result of how we attempt to find the position pay history.  We look for payrolls that the employee was paid in with a pay date that is greater than or equal to the absence activity date.  

ERROR - Could not calculate charge amount - Cannot calculate absence length - no active compensations found for Employee XXXXXXXXX, Position null - There isn't a way to correct this error since the Position was not specified and it is not possible to edit imported Absences. If district is just running the report for informational purposes, this error can be ignored. If they want to submit Leave Projection for the FYXX, they can just ignore the error and correct the account charges for this one employee in USAS.

ERROR - Could not calculate charge amount – null - check Pay Date Stamp on Attendance record and make sure Date of absences fall within the Beg and Ending of that payroll.

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