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The Leave Balance Report shows the balances of sick, vacation, and personal leave.

Field Definitions

  • Select the option to Sort By from the drop down box
    • Employee Number
    • Employee Name
    • Pay Group
    • Building/Department
  • The Page Break On field allows you to page break for the primary sort option
    • Employee Number
    • Employee Name
    • Pay Group
    • Building/Department
    • No Page Break
  • Select the Leave Report Options from the following options:
    • Vacation Leave
    • Sick Leave
    • Personal Leave
    • All Leave Types
  • Check  to Include ineligible positions?
    • **NOTE** - If employee is NOT eligible for Leave, is marked as Active and NOT Archived, with the 'Include Ineligible positions' IS checked, this employee will show on the report but will not show any balances, just ******.  They can look under the Employee Dashboard for their balances.
    • **NOTE** - If employee is Eligible for Leave, marked as Active but is an Archived Employee, they will show on the report with *******. They will not show up on the Employee Dashboard, they will have to be 'Unarchived' in order to see their balances.
  • Select Pay Groups from Available to Selected be using the  option
  • Click on  to create the Leave Balance report.

Leave Balance Report example:

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