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List of Reports and Direct Deposits scheduled to be ran or delivered at a later date and time.

Scheduled Jobs can be viewed, edited or deleted

The option, allows the users to create a "Job" that will run a report with the specified parameters on a schedule:

Enter in a Job Name:

To find the Cron Expression, go to or 

  • Enter in the time desired and click on   Example:  Every day at a specific time, every month on the 12th, every week on Monday, every 3 hours, etc, etc.
  • Copy the Cron format  and enter in the Schedule Report - Cron Expression field:

Send output to: Enter an email address, FTP, URL or other destination address:

and click on 

To add more columns to your grid, click on .   Will show when a schedule job will fire.

The job will show as a PENDING status:


Once the Job runs, will be change to COMPLETED:

The report will be sent to the address entered.

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