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The Job Calendar Report produces a report showing job calendars which have been created. The reporting options allow you to print job calendars according to date ranges and calendar types.

Field Definitions

  • Job Calendar Report is the default filename for the calendar report. This can be changed by entering a new file name in the Report Title field. 
  • This report can be generated by a range of dates through the use of the Begin Date (enter the 1st day of the month) and End Date fields.  (Required Fields)
  • The Find calendars with work days on date field allows you to generate a report for calendar types that have a "W" on the calendar for a specific date.
  • The 'Page Break on new Job Calendar' is automatically checked.  If not wanting a Page break in between each new calendar, uncheck.
  • The 'Exclude Archived Job Calendars' is automatically checked.  If wanting to include archived Job Calendars, uncheck. 
  • Job Calendar Report can generate a report containing specific job calendars, by selecting the Available calendars to the 'Selected Job Calendars'.
  • Click on to create Job Calendar Report

Job Calendar Report Example 

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