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Job Calendars are used to indicate the work schedule of an employee. Included in the work schedule are holidays, calamity days and make-up days. Each Compensation in the USPS system will reference a certain job calendar.

Purpose of a Job Calendar

Job Calendars used in conjunction with the attendance programs will determine retirement service days, ODJFS work weeks and EMIS attendance/absence days. The rules used by USPS in figuring contract days worked, retirement service days, ODJFS work weeks and EMIS attendance/absence days can be found in the Calculating Days and Weeks for Reporting Purposes Chapter of this manual.

Job Calendars will also be used to determine which, if any, holiday and calamity accounts in USAS should be charged during a given period. USPS does not post to the USAS accounts, but will create a file that will be used to post to the USAS accounts.

Job Calendars is used to add, delete, modify, copy and mass change calendars. The copy function allows you to copy a calendar from one calendar type to another. Mass change allows you to enter things such as holidays and calamity days across many calendars at once.

Job Calendars can be added at any time before the payroll in which they will be used.For appropriate new contract calculations to occur, job calendars for the upcoming contract year need to be created before the new contract program is utilized to create new contracts.

For appropriate new contract calculations to occur, job calendars for an upcoming contract year need to be created before the new contract program is utilized to create new contracts.

Search/View/Edit/Delete Job Calendars

The Job Calendars Grid allows the user to search for existing Job Calendars. You can either enter in the Type or a few characters in any of the grid headings and all occurrences of that search will show up and then you can choose the item(s) you want to view or edit.   You can then click on the  next to the Employee record you are searching for to view the data relating to this Job Calendar or click on the  to edit the record or  to delete the record.

 A Calendar with days already tied to pay records cannot be deleted.  An Error will occur:


Include Archived

Option to hide unused Job Calendars

Click on  next to the calendar you wish to hide.  Then select  and click on .

To see Archived Job Calendars, click on

To add the Archived column to the grid, click on the More option:

Day Count Totals Grid

There is a Day Count Totals grid box available that will allow you to see the following Day Count options:

  • Fiscal Year
    • July through June of respective fiscal year
  • Calendar Year
    • January through December of respective calendar year
  • Quarter
    • 1st Quarter-January through March
    • 2nd Quarter- April  through June
    • 3rd Quarter-July through September
    • 4th Quarter-October through December
  • Month
    • Month currently displayed on screen
  • Custom Date Range
    • User can enter in the Custom Start Date and Custom Stop date to obtain the number of respective days for that time period.  (04012019, 04/01/2019 or Date Shortcuts can be used)
  • Date Shortcuts - you can use the beginning and ending characters to indicate the beginning and ending dates for the current applicable period.  Please note these aren't case-sensitive:
    • FiscaL

      F - 1st day of current fiscal start date 7/1/17

      L -  Last day of current fiscal end date 6/30/18

      MontH (based on current system date)

      M - 1st day of current month 4/1/18

      H - Last day of current month 4/30/18


      W -  15th day of current month 4/15/18

      K -  Saturday of current week 4/21/18

      PerioD (Posting Period)

      P - 1st day of next month 5/1/18

      D - Last day of next month 5/31/18


      Q - 1st day of current quarter 4/1/18

      U - Current date 4/18/18

      T - today

      +  Tomorrow's date 4/19/18

      -   Yesterday's date 4/17/18

The available Day options are:

  • Work Days
  • Holidays
  • Calamity Days
  • Makeup Days    


Viewing/Editing multiple Job Calendars

 Multiple Job Calendars can be viewed or edited at once.  Select the calendar wanting to view, at top of calendar, grab and drag over.  Then can select another calendar to open:

Highlight Viewer

To use the 'Highlight Viewer', select the row in the grid to view.  The 'Highlight Viewer' on the right hand side will appear:

Add new Job Calendar

Note ** You can create as many job calendars as you want, but any Compensation can have exactly one Calendar.  If a Position has multiple Compensations, each Compensation can have its own calendar, so you can have as many different job calendars for a Position as they have Compensations.  So, if they want 10,000 Job Calendars for one Position, they just need to have 10,000 Compensations **

  1. From Core menu select 'Job Calendar'

  2. Click on  

  3. Enter in the:

    1.  Type

    2.  Description

    3.  Start and Stop Date - Enter a date 04012019, 04/01/2019 or Date Shortcuts can be used.  

    4.  Type of day

      1. W - Work Day

      2. H - Holiday

      3. C - Calamity Day

      4. M - Make-Up for Calamity Day

      5. Blank - Non-Work day or Unpaid Holiday

    5. Should Weekends be included?

  4. Once all Calendar information is added, select 
  5. Click on 'Save'
  6. A 'Day Count Totals' section will show MTD, QTD, FYTD and YTD totals for Work, Holiday, Calamity and Makeup Days.  Custom Start and Stop dates can be selected to allow the user to return day counts for a 'Custom Date Range'.  These counts should be relative to the current month selected. 

Edit/Modify a Calendar Day

  1. Select the Calendar to be updated
  2. Click on 
  3. To Change a single date on the Calendar, simple right click on the calendar day and select the new Type Or enter the Start and End Date and the Type and click on  to add or update the Type of day.

     4. click on  or 'Cancel' to not save the change

Mass Change a Calendar Day

The Mass Change option allows the type of day to be updated across several calendar types with a single entry. For example, a district had a calamity day and multiple calendars need marked accordingly.

  1. Select 
  2. Enter in the date to be updated in the Date field -  (04012019, 04/01/2019 or Date Shortcuts can be used)
  3. In the Update to field offers the following options:
    1. Work
    2. Holiday
    3. Calamity
    4. Makeup
    5. Blank = Non=work day or Unpaid holiday
  4. Select Available Calendar or Calendars by holding down the Shift + down arrow key and then click on the to move then to Selected Calendars
  5. click on Save

The day has been changed to a Holiday:

Copy Job Calendars

  1. Click on 
  2. Select the calendar you wish to copy from in the Copy From field
  3. Enter the starting date of the range you wish to copy from in the Start Date field.  This is a required field - (04012019, 04/01/2019 or Date Shortcuts can be used)
  4. Enter the ending date of the range you wish to copy from in the End Date field.  This is a required field - (04012019, 04/01/2019 or Date Shortcuts can be used)
  5. Select from the Available Calendars listed you wish to duplicate, by highlighting one or more by holding down the Shift + Down Arrow key and clicking on  

  6. Then click on 

Report Creation

To create a report from the Grid, please click on the Report documentation link to find the How to Steps: Report

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