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The Home option holds 'Predefined' (Report Manager style) reports that have been created by SSDT or by the user and saved as favorite reports:

A report can be Imported or Created under the Reports/Detail option.  Once the report is Saved, it will then show under the 'Reports/'Report Manager' option.  Place a check  under the Favorites to have this report show under the Home/Reports Links Favorites:

Generate Saved Reports

 From the Home Menu, click on 'Show All Reports' to show all reports that are available.  Click on 'Show Only Favorites' to show only 'Favorite' reports that were saved.  Then selectnext to the report you would like to generate:

Report Options


  • PDF (download)
  • PDF (inline)
  • Comma Separated Values
  • Excel
  • View (html)
  • Plain Text
  • XML
  • Jasper Report Design
  • Excel-Data
  • Excel-FieldNames

 Page Size:

  • Letter
  • Legal
  • Halfletter
  • Note
  • Ledger


  • Portrait
  • Landscape

 Name:  The default is "DetailReport", but can be modified.

Summary Report:  The 'Summary Report' list grand totals

Specific Configuration Code:  (for Payroll Item Detail report)

 The Payroll Item Detail report can be generated for only Specific Configuration Codes by entering them on the provided lines:

Query Parameters

Start and End Date

Date Shortcuts

Enter in a Start and Stop date as 00/00/0000 or Date Shortcuts can be used:

Date short cuts that have been implemented in the redesign:

  • YeaR (Calendar)
    • Y - Jan 1 of current calendar year
    • R - Dec 31 of current calendar year
  • FiscaL
    • F - July 1 of current fiscal year
    • L - June 30 of current fiscal year
  • MontH (based on current system date)
    • M - first of current month
    • H - last day of current month
  • WeeK
    • W - Sunday
    • K - Saturday
  • PerioD (Posting Period)
    • P - first day of current posting period
    • D - last day of current posting period
  • QUarter
    • Q - first day of quarter
    • U - last day of quarter
  • T - today
  • + tomorrow
  • - yesterday


  • should be able to support mmdd - assume the current period's calendar year
  • case insensitive
  • you can use these shortcuts in combination with actual dates
    • to get the month of November using between operator:  11/01/2014, h
      • assumption is November is the current month

Username: The Username of the employee running the report needs to be entered when running the SSDT Audit Trail:

Once all desired options have been added, select .

Account History Report

Example of Account History Report

Attendance Journal Report

Example of Attendance Journal Report

Audit Trail

Birthday Report

Example of Birthday Report

Employee Hired Report

Example of Employee Hired Report

Employee Terminated Report

The employee Termination Report will show all employees with a Termination date or a Start and End Date can be entered to show specific dates:

Example of Employee Terminated Report 

Employee Wages Report

The Employee Wages Report shows all employees Gross and Net wages for the Month, Quarter, YTD and FYTD.  The wages are figured from what Posting Period is currently open. 

Example of Employee Wages Report

Future Pay Amount Report

Example of Future Pay Amount Report

New Contract Payroll Accounts

Example of New Contract Payroll Accounts Report

New Contract Summary Report

Example of New Contract Summary Report

Payroll Account Report

Example of Payroll Account Report

Payroll Item Detail

Example of Payroll Item Detail Report

Payroll Item History Report

Example of Payroll Item History Report

Wage Report

Example of Wage Report 

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