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Employer Retirement Share Submission

***Note***  In order to see 'Employer Retirement Share Submission' option, go to SYSTEM/MODULES and click on  and then click on 'Click here to refresh page'.

The 2XX Object codes for retirement benefits MUST be defined on the Payroll Item Configuration record in order for the appropriate accounts to be charged. See Payroll Item Configuration for complete setup instructions.

The Employer Retirement Share Submission program creates a submission file for the Board's share of retirement.  

Field Definitions:

Enter a Begin Date -enter in the first payroll of the month pay date. This will ensure that the Employer Retirement Share for the entire month is processed.

Enter an End Date- enter in the last payroll of the month pay date. This will ensure that the Employer Retirement Share for the entire month is processed. 

Enter in the STRS Amount to Distribute - (Mandatory field)

Enter in the SERS Amount to Distribute - (Mandatory field)

Once all data is entered, click on

Voided Checks/Direct Deposits

Have the option to select Voided Payroll checks to be included and subtracted off the Employer Distribution Submission to USAS.

A refund of payroll item creates multiple adjustment journals, some that will include board amounts. The employer distribution report will include these adjustments if the transaction date is between the start / stop of the user entered dates.

After date is verified, click on  

  • The Refresh button is used if one or more files are not showing sent.  Click on the button to immediately update the file status from Awaiting Upload to Upload Finished.


Warning - ExpenditureAccount not found XXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXXXX-XXX-XX-XXX.  Mapping can be used to enter Account not found to an Account that is active in USAS.

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