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***Note*** - In order to see 'Employer Distributions Submission' option, go to SYSTEM/MODULES and click on  and then 'Click here to refresh page' .  

The Employer Distributions Submission program is used to Post to the USAS system.  

To include Employer Paid amounts from Employee Voided Checks/Direct Deposits, select the employee:

Field Options:

  • Enter the Start and End Pay Date Ranges.
  • If you want to include deductions based on Payment Cycle, select from the following:
    • Leave Blank if selecting Payroll Items to pay
    • None
    • Every payroll
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually
    • 1-9 user defined cycles
  • Check if wanting to 'Use Only Employer Distribution Accounts' marked in CORE/PAYROLL ACCOUNTS as being an 'Employer Distribution' account?
  • Once Payroll Items have been selected, click on .  The Payroll Items you have selected will show in the box below:

  • Click on the Payee Name to show in the 'Submission Preview Payee' details box.  The detail grid will show each expenditure account code and amount for the Payee line. Have the ability to sort the Accounts in order by click on the Up/Down tag :

  • Once your payroll items have been selected, click on 
  • The Refresh button is used if one or more files are not showing sent.  Click on the button to immediately update the file status from Awaiting Upload to Upload Finished.

Once submitted from USPS-R to USAS-R, the Employer Distributions Submission and Employer Retirement Share Submission can be found on the Transaction menu under Pending Transactions. When the pending transaction is posted, a purchase order is created. The accounts or amounts on the purchase order can be updated if needed. The transaction will then need to be invoiced and posted to create a disbursement. Any adjustments in what was expended to those accounts after the disbursement is created would be processed through the 'Distributions/Error Corrections' option under the 'Transaction' menu.

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