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The Employer Distribution report needs to be installed under SYSTEM/MODULES/Employer Distributions Module. Once installed, the report will then show under REPORTS.

The Employer Distribution program generates a worksheet to provide you with dollar amounts for the distribution of board paid deductions to the proper USAS accounts. This option allows the user to run Employer Distribution as many times as desired. The Employer Distribution uses the payroll history files to create the worksheet as specified in the reporting options selected when the program is run.

As long as the payroll you wish to include on the worksheet has been posted through the payroll program, the Employer Distribution can be processed. It does not have to be run at any specific time in the payroll processing sequence since it draws its information from the payroll history files.

Since board shares are paid through USAS, the Employer Distribution needs to know what object code should be charged for a particular Payroll Item. This is done by taking the USAS account from which this employee is being paid and substituting the board object code provided in the CORE/PAYROLL ITEM CONFIGURATION option in place of the employee's object code when the Employer Distribution worksheet is created.

If the employee is paid from an object code between 100 and 139 (inclusive), the certified object code will be used to post the board share. The object codes must begin with the number 2xx since board share object codes fall in the 200 series. Typical examples of Payroll Items which will use these object codes are retirement (the board contributes 14%), and Medicare (the board matches the 1.45% paid by the employee).

If the employee is paid from an object code between 140 and 169 (inclusive), the classified object code will be used to create a worksheet for the board share amounts.

If the employee is paid from the object code of 17x or 19x, the "other" object code as defined in CORE/PAYROLL iTEMS CONFIGURATION will be used to create the worksheet for the board share. This normally is used for student workers and board members, but could affect anyone being paid from an object code outside the 110-169 range.

The report file created is called Employer Distributions Report.  If the district is in the STRS advance mode, the report will include an additional column which will display advance amounts for 691 deduction records. Grand totals for gross and board amounts are automatically included on the report.

The only errors that will be generated will show up on the screen when attempting to submit to USAS, but none will show up on the report and there is no error report.  The one exception is that accounts need to by "synced" with USAS (so that USAS can match up USPS accounts with the corresponding USAS account) before posting.  These are the warnings that show up on the screen, but not when generating the report.  

Field Definitions

  • The default report file name is Employer Distributions Report.  The text file name can be changed at the Report Title prompt.
  • Enter Start and End Dates using the Pay Date. This field is mandatory.
  • The Pay Cycle field offers the following choices: (At this time, this field does not work.  Need to Select the Available Payroll items from list over to Selected Payroll Items)
    • None
    • P - Every payroll
    • M - Monthly
    • Q - Quarterly
    • A - Annually
    • 1 - 9 - User defined cycles
  • Do you want to use only those pay accounts flagged in CORE/PAY ACCOUNTS as being an Employer Distribution Accounts?
    • Check  to only include Employer Distribution accounts.
  • Do you want to 'Summarize individual amount detail?' in the report?
    • Check  to Summarize individual amounts for employee's.

Note: Employer Distributions Report uses the account history files to determine which pay accounts to use in the charging process. Changing the board distribution flag in CORE/PAYROLL ACCOUNTS will not an effect when processing Employer Distribution.

  • From the drop down boxes, select the Available Payroll Items and move them to the Selected Payroll Items box 

Click on  to create the report:

Employer Distribution Report - Summarize


Employer Distribution Report -Not Summarized

Post to USAS

To post to USAS, go to USAS Integration/Employer Distributions Submission

Field Options:

  • Enter the Start and End PayDate Ranges.  This field is mandatory.
  • If you want to include deductions based on Payment Cycle, select from the following:
    • Leave Blank if selecting Payroll Items to pay
    • None
    • Every payroll
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually
    • 1-9 user defined cycles
  • Select the Specific Appointment Type:
    • Certified employees only
    • Classified employees only
    • Leave blank for Both Certified and Classified Employees
  • Check if wanting to 'Use Only Employer Distribution Accounts' marked in CORE/PAYROLL ACCOUNTS as being an 'Employer Distribution' account?
  • Once Payroll Items have been selected, click on .  The Payroll Items you have selected will show in the box below:
  • Click on the Payee Name to show in the 'Submission Preview Payee' details box.  The detail grid will show each expenditure account code and amount for the Payee line:

  • Once your payroll items have been selected, click on 

Corrections to Employer Distributions file in USAS

Once submitted to USAS, in pending transactions option under TRANSACTIONS menu in USAS-R the Employer Distributions Submission and Employer Retirement Share Submission posting that are coming from USPS-R, once posted in USAS-R,  will create purchase orders..  Any adjustments in what was expended to those accounts needs to be done after the fact through the 'distributions/error corrections' option under the 'TRANSACTION' menu.

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