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The Employee Earnings Register program can be run for one or all Employees and Pay Groups receiving a pay check.  The report is based on payroll pay dates.

You may also enter ranges of dates. For example, activity for an entire quarter or calendar year can be generated by specifying the applicable dates.

Currently payroll item abbreviations from classic do not appear on the Earnings Register. The only abbreviations that appear on the report are from payrolls that were processed in Redesign,

The program generates a report file called Employee Earnings Register Report.

Field Definitions

The Save and Recall option , allows the users to create and save certain reports  for different report runs for each report option.  The Default option is the original SSDT report and the Most Recent is the last report that was ran by the user.  If the report is no longer needed, click on to delete the report.  The Default reports cannot be deleted. 

Enter a Start Date (Start Date entered, needs to be a date used for payroll processing (Pay Date)

Enter a Stop Date (Stop Date entered, needs to be a date used for payroll processing (Pay Date)

Include Archived Employees?

= Includes archived employees
= Excludes archived employees

The Include Employer Paid Amounts offers the option to print board paid Payroll Items.  If wanting to Include Employer Paid Amounts, check the box .

Select Pay Groups to be included? (Leave empty to select all Pay Groups)

Select Individual Employees?  (Leave empty to select all Employees)

Pay Date Earnings Register Report

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