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This is done from the Reports/Report Manager view, using the Create Forms button:

Enter in the Report Name that will be visible to users when they select the Form they want to use

Enter in the Description of the form

Enter in a Tag - A Tag is basically a user-definable way to categorize reports.   Its only meaning is derived from what it means to a particular user.  So maybe a user would setup categories for "Year End", "Quarter" or "Employee" or "Payroll" for example.

Select the Entity Type from the drop down box 

  • Payee - CheckPaymentDetail
  • Payroll Direct Deposits - PaymentDetailPayrollDirectDeposit
  • Payroll Checks - PaymentDetailPayrollCheck

Click on  to select the Filename of the form to import

Click on  to Save the Form or Cancel to exit 

 **Optional** - You may need to Share the report definition with specified roles for non-Admin users to utilize this new definition.

Choose the Roles and click on Save

Now when you (or the user) clicks the Payroll Processing/Email Notices button on the Payroll Detail view, or the Print Payment Checks and Direct Deposit button on the Payroll Payments view, you will have a choice when printing Direct Deposits labeled Direct Deposit Form.


Example of how to customize templates:

Example of a generic **Notification Of Direct Deposit** - To copy this form, click directDepositTemplate.docx


Example of a customized DD Template.docx

Example of a Custom DD notice:

DD Notice with Multiple Jobs Paid and Ending Payroll dates template.docx: To Copy this form, click ddFormWithPayGroups.docx

Example of a DD Notice with Multiple Paid Jobs and Ending Payroll Dates:


Crosswalk of Direct Deposit Notification

The tokens need to be entered exactly how they are listed below.  The Property names are case-sensitive. For a printable version, please click here.

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