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Report showing employee STRS Advance payments.

Field Definitions

  • The Save and Recall option , allows the users to create and save certain reports  for different report runs for each report option.  The Default option is the original SSDT report and the Most Recent is the last report that was ran by the user.  If the report is no longer needed, click on to delete the report.  The Default reports cannot be deleted. 
  • Enter Start and End Dates–Dates that are  inclusive of the stop date of the first July pay and stop date of the last advance pay.
  • Sort By - From the drop down option, choose the way you want the report to be sorted
    • Employee Name (Default Option)
    • Employee SSN
  • Report Format
    • PDF (download)
    • CSV
    • Excel

Click on  report

Example of Check STRS Advance Report

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