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Bank Accounts

Multiple bank accounts can be setup to have the option to print payroll and payee checks from.

Bank accounts are defined and listed under the Core/Bank Account. The user has the ability to add start and stop dates for each bank account.  Any bank account that is listed and active may be selected from a drop down when Processing Payments (Checks/Direct Deposits).

Highlight Viewer

To use the 'Highlight Viewer', select the row in the grid to view.  The 'Highlight Viewer' on the right hand side will appear:

Make Default Bank Account

Click on  to make the bank account the default. The Un-highlighted is the bank account selected as default.  

User should choose one bank account as their default

Create Bank Account

  1. From the Core menu select 'Bank Account'.  
  2. Click on 'Create'
  3. Enter in the desired information. 
  4. Check  to make Bank Account the default.
  5. Click on Save to create the bank account, click on Cancel to not create the bank account and return to the query list.

Search Bank Account

The  bank account grid allows the user to search for existing bank accounts by clicking in the filter row in the grid columns and entering in the desired information. Click on any row of the search results to see a summary view of the record. Click on beside a bank account to see the full details.   The Advanced Search can be utilized by clicking on the in the upper right side of the grid.

Edit Bank Account

Click on the in the grid beside the bank account to edit the record. Only fields that are allowed to be edited will be displayed. 

Add Start/Stop Date

  1. From the Core menu select 'Bank Account'
  2. Search for and select desired bank account
  3. Click on the beside the desired bank account and input a valid date into either the start or stop date field
  4. Click on  to save the changes, click  to remove the changes and leave the record as it was.


Click on   in the grid beside the desired bank account . A confirmation box will appear asking to confirm that the bank account be deleted.  Bank accounts may only be deleted if they have no related transactions.

Mass Change

For more detail information on the Mass Change option, please click on the Mass Change documentation link to find the How to Steps: Mass Change

Report Creation

To create a report from the Grid, please click on the Report documentation link to find the How to Steps: Report


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