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This program extracts Payroll check history information into specially formatted files for use by auditors. Auditors will use these files to assist in automating the audit process.

The csv files will include pay history with an issue date that falls between the dates you enter.  The payment history file will include the gross, net, and deduction amounts for the pay history and the distribution file will contain the pay accounts the gross was charged to and the amount.

Once the file has been created, IT SHOULD NOT BE OPENED FOR PREVIEW.  You will need to email this directly to

When emailing the Redesign Auditor reports as part of a districts FYE closing steps, AOS recommends the SUBJECT line of the email formatted as "999999_YEAR_USPS-R" replacing the nines with your IRN and the "YEAR" with the 4 digit fiscal year end (i.e. 2021).



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