This program tracks the old values and the new values entered in various USPS programs.

Field Definitions

Enter a Start Date (required field) 

Enter a Stop Date 

Select Specific Objects: 

  • ACH Source
  • Adjustment Journal
  • Attendance journal
  • Check and Electronic Transaction
  • Compensation
  • Employee
  • Job Calendar
  • Leave Balance
  • Leaves
  • Pay Distributions
  • Payee
  • Payment
  • Payroll Accounts
  • Payroll item
  • Payroll Item Configuration
  • Position

Select Specific Users

Select Employee and click Add.  To remove name from the Grid, select the employee and click on

Select Operation:

  • All
  • Added
  • Modified
  • Deleted

Select Sort Option:

  • Date
  • Username

Once all options selected, click on to create the Audit Report

USPS Audit Report

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