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  Please click here to view a short video on how to create Adjustments.

The Adjustments option allows you to Create, delete, and/or modify employees Payroll Items.

Search/View Adjustments

The Adjustments Grid allows the user to search for existing payroll items for an employee. You can either enter in the Number or a few characters in any of the grid headings and all occurrences of that search will show up and then you can choose the item(s) you want to view or edit.  Example - First Name is one of my grid options. If I type in %San (% is use as a wildcard) in the First name field, all occurrences of anyone with San in the first name will appear. You can then click on the next to the Payroll Item record you are searching for to view the data associated with the payroll item or click on the to edit the record or to delete the record.

Highlight Viewer

To use the 'Highlight Viewer', select the row in the grid to view.  The 'Highlight Viewer' on the right hand side will appear:


**When making an Adjustment entry, the amount you are entering will be added/or subtracted from the total Adjustment Type balance**

Create an Adjustment

  1. From the Core Menu select Adjustments

  2. Click on Create

  3. Select Employee and the Payroll Item to adjust by clicking on the  arrow

  4. Select the Payroll Item Type by clicking on the arrow

    • Health Insurance

    • Moving Expense

    • Taxable Benefits

    • Fringe Benefits

    • Life Insurance

    • Adoption Assistance

    • Dependent Care

    • Third Party pay

    • Vehicle Lease

    • Total Gross

    • Taxable Gross

    • Amount Withheld

    • Applicable Annuities

    • Board's Amount of payroll item

    • Earned Income Credit Amount

    • Additional Withholding Amount

    • Portion of FTD Board Amount that was earned as a rehired retiree

    • Portion of FTD Board Amount that was withheld as a rehired retiree

    • Portion of FTD Gross that was earned as a rehired retiree

    • ODJFS Total Gross

    • ODJFS Weeks

    • SERS Retirement Days

    • SERS Retirement Hours

    • STRS Retirement Days

    • STRS Retirement Hours

    • EMIS Attendance

    • EMIS Absence 

    • Board's Pickup Amount of Payroll Item

  • 5.  Enter a Transaction Date, Amount and Description.  The Transaction Date has to be within an open posting period or an error will occur:



  • 6.  Click on  to post the Adjustment to the system, click on Cancel to not post the Adjustment and return to the Adjustments grid.


Edit Employees Adjustment

**Note**  'Imported by Classic USPS' data will be non-modifiable.

Only fields that are allowed to be edited will be displayed.

  1. Search desired Employee on grid
  2. Click on  to edit the Employees Payroll Item
  3. Make desired changes
  4. Click on to save desired changes to the Employees payroll Items, click on Cancel to not post changes and return to the Adjustments grid

Delete Employees Adjustment

  1. Search desired Employee on grid to delete
  2. Click on  to delete the Employee Adjustment

  3. Click on  to confirm deletion or Cancel to not delete Adjustment

Mass Change

To add the Mass Change option, please click on the Mass Change documentation link to find the How to Steps: Mass Change


Report Creation

To create a report from the Grid, please click on the Report documentation link to find the How to Steps: Report


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