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*IMPORTANT *-If you wish to include the HSA Payroll Item amount information on your Outstanding Payables report,  it is suggested that you go to Outstanding Payables and run the report before the creation of the HSA Tape File. If you process the HSA ACH file, it will create the Payment for the HSA and also clear the amounts from Outstanding Payables.

ACH Submission Report Options

It creates a file which is sent to the bank by some magnetic means. This file includes the employee name, transit routing numbers for the financial institution, account numbers, and pay amounts for all the direct deposit employees.  Also, creates an ACH submission file for Health Savings Account withholding's. Separate ACH file created for each HSA deduction processed, HSAACHXXX.SEQ.  The 'XXX' represents the deduction code.

In order for the Ach File Generated column under 'Historical Payrolls' to turn from false to true, the Payroll Posting period needs to be open for what payroll month they are creating

ACH Submission

Fields Definitions:

Pay Date:  Select a pay date from the calendar
ACH Source: Select the appropriate ACH Source from the drop-down box
Include Employee SSN: Default is 'Employee SSN will NOT be include'
         Drop-down options include:

    • Employee SSN will be included
    • Employee SSN will NOT be included - Default Option (this will also exclude the Payroll Item code - 
    • Replace employee SSN with employee ID

Sort By:  In the drop-down box you can select to sort by Employee Name or Employee Number
Report Format:  Default is PDF or you can open the drop-down box and choose another output option
Historical Payrolls: Select, by placing a check mark in the box, of one or many payrolls from which to include 

After you have selected your options, you can run the report by selecting 

Check the box to 

Once you have reviewed the report, you can 

To select all Past Payrolls, check

Generate Report Example:

Generate Submission Report example:

HSA Submission File

**If the Payee for HSA is setup with Electronic Payment checked (true), than the payee will be included in HSA report/submission file. Only those payees who are setup with the Electronic Payment checked, will be included on the report/submission file**

To create the HSA Submission File:

Select the HSA ACH Source

Select 'Include Employee SSN:' from drop down options:

  • Employee SSN will be included
  • Employee SSN will NOT be included (Defaulted)
  • Replace employee SSN with employee ID

Select 'Sort By' using the drop down options:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee Number

Select 'Report Format' from the drop down options

Select the Payroll to create the HSA file from the 'Historical Payrolls'

To show all Past payrolls, check  

Click on  first, to create a report to verify all information is correct before generating the HSA Submission File. 

**Once the Submission File is created, this is a **NO POINT OF RETURN**.  At this point, a Payroll CAN NOT be Un-posted**

**Creating the HSA Submission File will create the Outstanding Payable's for the HSA**

Select  to create HSA file.

Sample HSA Submission Report

Sample HSA Submission file

To create a report for 403b Accounts

If wanting to create a report for your 403b Accounts,  please copy the .json file provided for you: Annuities.rpd-json

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