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ABS103, the Staff Attendance Summary Report, summarizes absence/attendance occurrences by employee. Grand totals are provided at the end of the report.

  • The Save and Recall option ,allows the users to create and save certain reports  for different report runs for each report option.  The Default option is the original SSDT report and the Most Recent is the last report that was ran by the user.  If the report is no longer needed, click on to delete the report. The Default reports cannot be deleted. 
  • Report Title - Perfect Attendance Report is the default file name.  This can be changed by entering a new file name in the Report Title field (Required Field)
  • Select the 'Report Format' from the drop down box
    • PDF (download)
    • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
    • Excel-Data
  • Sort By field offers the following choices:
    • Employee Number
    • Employee Name
    • Building/Department
    • Pay Group
    • Building Only
    • Department Only
    • Transaction Type
    • Category
    • Sub Category
    • Activity Date
    • Substituted for Employee Number
    • Substituted For Employee Name
  • Include Sub Total By the selected Sort Option:
    • Check to 
    • Leave Unchecked to NOT Sub Total by selected Sort Options
  • Page Break by Selected Sort Option
    •  Check  to page break by the selected Sort Option
    • Uncheck  to NOT page break by the selected Sort Option
  • Begin Date field offers the option of entering a Begin Date (Required field)
  • End Date field offers the option of entering an End Date
  • Include Archived Employees On Report
  • Include All Employees On Report 
  • Include Employee Numbers On Report
  • Job Status field offers the following choices:
    • Blank to include all employees
    • Inactive
    • Active
    • Deceased
    • Terminated
  • The following options are available in the Appointment Type field:
    • Certificated
    • Classified
  • Select a 'Category', leave blank to include ALL categories:
    • Sick
    • Vacation
    • Personal
    • Professional
    • Dock
    • Other
  • Enter Number of Days
  • Select Specific Buildings
  • Select Specific Departments
  • Select Pay Groups
  • Select Employees
  • Click on  to create report

Example of ABS103.pdf report

Example of ABS103.csv

Example of ABS103.xlsx

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