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This space will be used to provide information and gather feedback on the USPS Redesign project as it progresses towards production releases.   Starting in 2016, the USPS-R project has entered a new phase.  The SSDT is now releasing "Preview Releases" intended to gather feedback from both end-users and ITC personnel.

Preview Releases

Please see the Preview Releases page for details about the Preview Releases and how you can participate.  All current (or potential) State Software Users are encouraged to participate. 

Demo Version

A demo version of the latest Preview Release is available at:

The demo version contains limited training data.  Feel free to experiment with the system by adding or changing data.  This database will be periodically reset.  

If you wish to experience USPS-R with your own district's data, please contact your ITC and request they install an instances of the Preview Release for you.

Accessing the Wiki

If you do not yet have a username for the SSDT Wiki, use the "Signup" link at the top of the page. After completing the signup, you will immediately have rights to post comments on the wiki. You may also use the same username and password to access SSDT JIRA.


If you already have an SSDT JIRA username, we recommend you use the same username and password on both Wiki and JIRA. In the future, these accounts will be merged into a single directory.

Accessing JIRA

If you already have an SSDT JIRA username, you may continue to use your existing JIRA username. If you do not have an existing username, then you should create a Wiki username as described above. Your Wiki username will give you access to both the SSDT Wiki and JIRA applications.



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  1. I like the look of the USPS-R website.  It seems very easy to navigate.  A few questions/comments:

    1. We successfully loaded a district.  When I initialize a payroll we are getting only the first 4 employees in the data files.  Is this correct for the testing?
    2. In the attendance query, the totals are displaying combined multiple years, not just the current fiscal year totals.  We enter a date range to see the totals for the current fiscal year.  Is this the appropriate behavior?
    3. On the direct deposit deductions, when viewing for a queried employee, the fixed amount is displaying as a % instead of $.  Also, the 001 and 002 totals are displaying as a fixed amount and should be a percentage based on the tax tables.
    4. On the EMIS Entry screen, the position funding section displays too far to the right and runs off the page in both IE9 and Firefox20.





    We loaded and tested a new district today.  When payroll was initialized, only 3 positions pulled into USPS-R.  When I initialized a payroll for the same range in the legacy system, 366 positions pulled into the payroll.

    When I looked at the UPDCAL_CURRENT screen for an employee, all of the payroll information is displayed for the employee, but when I click on the icon to generate a pay report for the same employee, the data is not displayed on the report.  Only the report fields are displayed.

    Thanks for all of the work you are doing! 



  3. In the Core tab:

    Could the pay groups, department code and building code list all existing codes as the default instead of having to search.  This would be like the deductions are listed.

    Payment - Is this section to view individual check stubs?  If so, could the display include employee and vendor names along with their id?

    Payroll -  Also, didn't pull in the 4 UPDCAL_FUT entries that are in the data files.  No effective date on the records.

    In the Admin tab:

    Although I'm not yet familiar with all the options in this section, I like the "User" option to update user access.  Will the treasurer also be able to add, disable and reset passwords here?

    In the posting period section I notice that there are no "closed" dates.  Will this also be where we will be able to see if SERS/STRS and the quarter have been closed?

    Love the "Custom Field" section.  Our districts will be very glad to see this option.

    DBA:  Will this replace DTR?





  4. Hello,

    ...first time commenter; long-time follower!

    I loaded one of our larger districts.  I'm able to get a list of employees in the search but I cannot see details on any of them.  I get the following error:

    The following error(s) occured while processing your request. The errors may indicate you entered invalid data or attempted an invalid operation. Use the browser's [Back] and verify the data and try again.

    • class java.lang.NullPointerException at org.ssdt_ohio.usps.repository.HistoricalPayrollRepositoryJPA.queryByPostingPeriod(

    I received errors on the import for 5 employees with invalid EMPLOYEE IDs.   Will this cause the import to fail?  I didn't want to create a JIRA issue if it's user error!  I have the importresults file.

    Thanks for your tolerance!