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W2C allows a W2C form print file to be generated containing the original values as they were reported on Form W2, and the corrected values. The original values are obtained from the W2TAPE.SEQ file which was created by W2PROC. If a W2TAPE.SEQ file is not found, an error will be issued and the program will exit. Not all the information that is reportable on the W2C form is contained on the W2TAPE.SEQ file. For those items not stored on the W2TAPE.SEQ file, it will be necessary to enter the original and corrected values.

The left side of each screen shows the original values as they were reported on the original W2 form. The right side of each screen shows the corrected values. This coincides with the layout of the actual W2C form.

Multiple employees may be processed in a single session of W2C. To do so, a W2C form should be created for the current employee before proceeding to the next employee.

The information entered in W2C does not update the W2TAPE.SEQ file. The corrected values are not stored to a file. When finished making all updates and W2C is exited, a W2C.TXT file will be generated. This print file may be used to print the W2C forms.

accessing the program

The program may be executed by typing:

at the $ prompt or in the menu system type:



Screen 1 of 3

Screen 2 of 3

Screen 3 of 3

Using the Get Employee function, the Employee Name, ID, or SSN may be used to retrieve the original reported values from the W2TAPE.SEQ file. The original values will appear in the "Previously Reported" column.

Using the Modify key, the correct values may be entered. Only those fields that were reported incorrectly on the original W2 should have corrected values entered. For example, if the employees SSN was reported incorrectly, only the correct SSN should be entered in the "Correct Information" column.

When accepting the record from Modify mode, a popup box will prompt for W2C form generation. If the user wishes to accept the record and review the screens prior to printing, No should be selected from the popup box. Once verification from the screen had been made the Generate Form function may then be used to create the W2C form after the screens have been reviewed.

A form should be generated for the current employee before proceeding to another employee. The corrected values entered in W2C are not stored to any file. Therefore, once a new employee has been pulled up using the Get Employee function, the data entered for the previous employee is lost.

If multiple employee corrections are required the following can be performed to have all employees appear with their corrections on one W2C file. 

1- Find Employee 1 (Choose Get Employee command)

2- Choose Modify command and make necessary updates to employees data, and save changes.

3- At the prompt box say Yes to Create W2C form for this employee.

4-Go through the same procedures for each employee that needs to be modified,. Once all employees have been modified exit out of the W2C program and a W2C.TXT file will be created and contain ALL employees that were modified on one file.


miscellaneous notes

Only 4 Box 12 items may be handled at one time. If there are more than 4 Box 12 items to be corrected for an employee, the employee will have to be processed twice, generating two W2C forms.

A W-3C Form will also need to be filed along with any W-2C Forms.

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